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Jinjiang Old Building Installed Elevator Zhuyuan Community Grabbed The First Case

Oct 26, 2018

“With the elevator, it is too convenient to go up and down the building!” On the 10th, in the Zhuyuan Community of Meiling Street in Jinjiang, the newly installed elevator officially opened for operation. Chen Mingzhu, who is living in the residential area, has 2 ladders and nearly 60 years old. , gently press the button on the 5th floor, only see the elevator car slowly rise, directly to the doorstep in a dozen seconds.

It is understood that this elevator in Zhuyuan Community is the "first ladder" of the old building added after Jinjiang issued the "Working Opinions on Adding Elevators to Existing Residential Buildings in Cities". As a 20-year old community, in order to solve the problem of residents going to the building, in March of this year, two 6th-floor Lu Qiuying organized residents to install elevators for the building, which lasted for 7 months and successfully completed the “additional ladder”. In addition to the Zhuyuan Community, up to now, the examination and approval department has received more than 20 ladder applications, and “Additional Ladder” will soon bloom in the city.

"It's very stable, no noise, better than you think." Lu Qiuying, who came home from work, was full of joy and greeted reporters. When talking about the front and back of the installation of the elevator, Lu Qiuying, as the representative of the owner, opened his voice. “I want to thank all the neighbors of this building, especially the neighbors on the lower floors, who agreed to install it, so that it can be done so quickly.” Lu Qiuying said that after the call of installing elevators in previous years, several enthusiastic neighborhoods prepared together. . “We often organize household meetings, and low-level high-level residents sit together to discuss, and everyone talks about communication, and things are done smoothly.”

More importantly, Meiling Sub-district and Zhuyuan Community also issued the “Implementation Opinions on the Installation of Elevators in Zhuyuan Community Elevator”, which subsidizes 50,000 yuan for each of the top 10 elevators with a cost of more than RMB 450,000. “Government departments are also on the way to guide and review, and the approval procedures are very simple.” Ms. Lu said that the entire elevator project cost 450,000 yuan, and the municipal and Meiling streets also subsidized 100,000 yuan and 50,000 yuan respectively, greatly reducing the households’ burden.

The reason why Zhuyuan Community can successfully install elevators is inseparable from the elevators installed in Jinjiang. At the end of 2017, Jinjiang City issued the “Working Opinions on Adding Elevators for Existing Residential Buildings in Cities”, which clearly defined the implementation principles, scope of application, implementation conditions, fund raising, reporting procedures, use management and maintenance, and property rights registration.

The clear declaration procedures of the "Work Opinions" fully reflect the streamlining and convenience: including the application for on-site reconnaissance, public inspection witness, and the municipal garden bureau's handling procedures (involving the jurisdiction of the municipal garden bureau), the elevator shaft can be carried out. Construction and elevator installation were completed.

There are things to discuss, and everyone's things are discussed by the public. In the entanglement between public interests and personal interests, mutual understanding between neighbors is especially important. For example, the low-rise residents on the 1st and 2nd floors do not need to use the elevator. Although they do not need to invest, some still worry that the elevator will affect their own lighting and ventilation. “The neighbors should help each other. Adding an elevator is also an 'upgrade' for the quality of the community. After the elevator is built, the neighborhood atmosphere is more comfortable, and it can be used by the home to the top floor to dry.” 2 low-rise residents with 2 ladders Zhu Rongtan believes.

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