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It Is Really Unnecessary To Talk About The Ladder Color Change.

Nov 07, 2018

In recent days, Xiao Bian always heard everyone talking about the elevator trapped people. It turned out that a few days ago, the elevator in a residential area was somehow stopped for about one day. I heard that everyone cares about the elevator so much. In addition to being gratified, Xiaobian has a little worry: after so many years, why do you still have a feeling of embarrassment for the elevator?

Is the elevator really safe? Xiaobian's answer is: very safe. Take the data as an example: In 2016, the number of elevators in China was 4.9 million, with 48 accidents and 41 deaths. In the same year, the number of cars was about 194 million, with 865,000 traffic accidents and about 63,000 deaths. In the same year, the number of aircraft was about 2,950, and there were 16 flight accidents and 22 deaths. In other words, in 2016, the death rate of the aircraft was about 0.75%, the death rate of the car was about 0.032%, and the elevator was only 0.00084%. Why are everyone so afraid of the elevator? Xiaobian summed up some reasons, can not be said to be very comprehensive, but can be close to the real thoughts of many people.

First, fear often stems from ignorance. When everyone happily chats on the plane and overlooks the earth, there is no trace of tension and fear. Why is it in the elevator, is there anyone worried about lack of oxygen, or is someone worried about falling? This is mainly because when you board the plane, there will be air crews to explain the relevant knowledge, the multimedia screen will also play the safety knowledge, and let people know the aircraft and flight safety in the shortest time. Then what about the elevator? In addition to elevator practitioners, few people are willing to spend half an hour to learn about elevators and learn safety knowledge, although they take the elevator up and down every day.

Second, the role of the media can not be ignored. For aircraft accidents, it is difficult for many people to have another impression besides "Malaysia". But the elevators are different. Today, an escalator has caught people, and the elevator was trapped by the day before yesterday. There are two main reasons for this. One reason is the psychological effect: accidents occur in distant places called stories, and happening around them are tragedies - people tend to have stronger memories of things that fit their own lives.

Another reason is the excessive coverage of some unscrupulous media. After the media reported on the accident of the Jingzhou elevator in the country, the former AQSIQ immediately launched a special inspection of escalators and moving walks nationwide. To a certain extent, it has curbed the momentum of accidents, fundamentally eliminated many safety hazards and prevented more accidents. Such reports are true and kind, and can be accepted by the public. However, some media have taken this opportunity to misappropriate things in order to attract attention when they do not have relevant professional knowledge. They often use the words "elevator to eat people" and "elevator" to mislead the masses. Let the masses think that the elevator is a flood of beasts, avoiding it, and even using the means of "shifting flowers and picking up wood" to put the accidents that did not exist in the ordinary elevator failure.

Third, the serious hidden dangers brought by low-cost maintenance. Ten years ago, the maintenance price of elevators was about 200 yuan/set/month. Today, the maintenance price of some elevator maintenance units does not rise and fall, and it has exceeded the acceptable price reduction range. This has to cause everyone’s reflection. . The negative consequences of low-cost maintenance are obvious to practitioners. But for others, it may be mistaken for the result of a free market. In the past, it is highly probable that “bad money drives out good money”, so that the truly technically responsible, responsible and guaranteed elevator maintenance unit will withdraw from the market. The remaining "bad money" seeks to benefit by reducing the quality of maintenance and improving the price of parts.

Although the elevator is unlikely to achieve zero failure, the elevator is constantly improving from hardware to software in order to achieve "intrinsic safety." However, the elevator is also a machine consisting of hundreds of parts, which will eventually have a day of failure, whether for internal or external reasons. I hope that everyone will give them a little tolerance and confidence, just like cars and airplanes. The elevator is so safe, it is really unnecessary to talk about the "ladder" color change.

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