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It Is Easier For The Cargo Lift To Choose The Site

Sep 25, 2017

Cargo Lift is a more difficult to hold heavy loading and unloading machinery equipment, from the landing platform is only a simple scissor landing platform, through the process of such a perennial industry development, including the replacement of skills, etc., the Cargo Lift is also developed into a suitable difference between the different site Use the environment of the high-altitude homework platform; then, landing platform how to decide the most consistent with the use of it? I designed the landing platform to determine the landing platform, from the following aspects to think:

First of all, especially in the extraordinary environment under the use of the Cargo Lift, such as oil fields, gas stations, chemical plants, etc., this time will decide the explosion-proof landing platform, this landing platform using explosion-proof electronic control box and including the journey of the internal care Through the process of strict and frequent implementation, to ensure that ten satisfied.

Second, is to consider the use of the site site, such as the base of the soft level, the climate of despicable water and so on, for example, the wilderness use of the landing platform, it must equipment wind rope, due to the wilderness repeatedly wind, This time the use of landing platform will be able to form a strong shaking, it is easy to kill, so must use the wind rope line care and landing platform staff; so, how to decide whether the landing platform is the most consistent with the use of the site must be responsible for testing data result.