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Istanbul International Elevator Exhibition, Turkey, 2019

Feb 25, 2019

Dear Elevator:

   The Elevator Exhibition in Turkey, hosted by IFO Exhibitions, is a 39-year exhibition experience and one of the three major exhibition companies in Turkey. It is determined to be one of the largest elevator exhibitions in the world. In 2017, the exhibition area reached 40,000 square meters, and more than 35,000 professional visitors came to the scene. Last year's Turkey Eurasia Elevator Exhibition attracted more than 200,000 spectators, of which 17,149 professional buyers came from 42 countries, and the purchasing group came from the Middle East, North Africa, Russia and other countries. 400 elevator companies participated in the event.

    The 2019 Istanbul International Elevator Exhibition in Turkey will provide you with an excellent open platform to showcase new product technologies. Therefore, the Istanbul International Elevator Exhibition in 2019 is an excellent choice for exhibitors.

Exhibition time: March 21st - March 24th, 2019

Exhibition location: Tuyap Convention and Exhibition Center, Istanbul, Turkey

This is our invitation letter to you. I am curious about the specific situation of the Istanbul International Elevator Exhibition in Turkey in 2019. So let me give you a little spoiler!

Wonderful exhibition

Large inventory




Turkey is located between Asia and Europe and is located between the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea. The strategic location is important. In recent years, Turkey’s economic development has also attracted worldwide attention. Since the 1980s, Turkey has pursued a liberalization process and its economy has experienced a period of rapid growth. Foreign trade has developed by leaps and bounds, and its export structure has undergone significant changes. Industrial products have replaced agricultural products in a dominant position and have an open economy integrated with the world economy. In the 21st century, Turkey’s domestic political situation has stabilized and economic development has entered a fast-rising channel. Turkey has become one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Turkey has established its stable industrial base with its strategic location and abundant natural resources. The main industrial sectors involve steel, cement, mechanical and electrical products and automobiles. The Turkish International Elevator Exhibition came into being in the midst of its industrial development needs.


city Overview

Overview of Istanbul: Istanbul is the capital of Turkey. It is located at the intersection of Europe and Asia. The market is mainly composed of Europe and the Balkan countries, Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States, Central Asian Turkish-speaking countries and Middle Eastern countries and regions. Istanbul is not only the political center and economic center of Turkey, but also a city full of diverse cultures. Someone once said: "If you can only look at the world, look at Istanbul," because here you can enjoy the ultimate in diversity. It is in such a diverse and mysterious place that the Turkish International Elevator Exhibition was born, and Istanbul will welcome countless overseas visitors with its broad mind.

Exhibition scope

Elevator main engine and drive technology: various escalators, automatic pedestrian ladders, passenger elevators, medical ladders, freight elevators, residential ladders, sightseeing ladders, elevators, elevators for the disabled, etc.; hydraulic systems, bolts and screws, Braille button plates, steel Cable, cable control panel, console, shock absorber, DC motor, control panel control system console, shock absorber, spare feeder;

Remote monitoring and automatic alarm system for ladders: safety devices and equipment, maintenance and monitoring systems, technological development and innovation programs, installation, consulting, services, etc. related to the elevator industry;

Others: elevator and escalator mainframe, control system, elevator governor, elevator control panel and buttons, display and signaling devices, intercom communication system, electrical switches and connectors, door systems and components, door protection devices, safety components, guides And fixtures, wire ropes, cars, decorating materials, hydraulic systems and components, electronic components, elevators and escalator cables, special test equipment and tools, testing components, professional magazines, design and consulting, and ancillary equipment;


Exhibition Highlight

(1) globalization

The world-renowned elevator exhibition gathers the leaders of the world elevator industry, and the industry's authoritative experts gather the world's top brands to create a quality industry event.


     Improve brand influence

     The activities in the same period were brilliant and the publicity channels were widely affected.

     Share the industry's most advanced technology and mature management experience,

     Many mainstream media have paid close attention to it and reported on it.


Sign up the way

1. Pre-scheduled booth: After receiving the project documents, the exhibitors should carefully fill out the attached “Application Form for Participation” and return it to our company after stamping. The deposit for the booth and the deposit of the exhibitor will be remitted to our account within seven working days after signing the contract.

2. Remittance and contact information:

     Beijing Yabo International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

     Phone: 010-53630592/93

     Contact: Yan Xiuling Lin Lin

     Mobile: 13683089828 (same as micro signal) 18310336602

     Website: www.yabooexpo.com

     E-mail: tongxiul@163.com

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