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Is The Elevator Like A Steamer, Can The High-rise Residential Area Be Equipped With Air Conditioning?

Jul 09, 2018

In recent years, there are more and more high-rise residential buildings and super high-rise residential buildings. The summer season is coming, the elevators are not very large, and most of the residential elevators have no cooling facilities. The low-rise residents are still okay. The high-rise residents take the elevators, stop and go, and glimpse. It takes a few minutes to get bored inside.

    Generally, in office buildings and large shopping districts, air conditioners are installed in the elevators. Then, how is the installation of elevator air conditioners in high-rise residential quarters, and what do people think about installing air conditioners in high-rise residential quarters? Recently, the reporter visited a number of high-rise residential quarters and conducted visits.

    The owner wants to install air conditioning in the elevator. Property: No related plans

    At 15:00 on July 2, there was light rain in the world, and the temperature was not high. The reporter went to Building No. 1 of a certain district in Hanyang. The residential building is a super-high residential building with a total of 47 floors and two passenger elevators. No air conditioning is installed in the elevator.

    The reporter took the elevator test and took the elevator from the 1st floor to the 47th floor. In the case of no stopping, it takes about 1 minute. The reporter used the mobile phone thermometer software in the elevator to find that the temperature inside the elevator was the same as the outdoor temperature, which was 31 degrees Celsius.

    On the 44th floor of Building No. 1, the reporter encountered Ms. Liu, who just bought food and went home. For the elevator without air conditioning, Ms. Liu said: “The usual work is busy, go out early every morning, and take the elevator is not at the peak, not too care."

    Ms. Chen, a resident of the community, said that the community had handed over the house two years ago, the occupancy rate was very high, and the frequency of use of the elevator was also high. Now entering the summer, there is no cooling equipment in the elevator. During the peak period, there are many people in the small elevator, which is sultry and the ride comfort is very poor. “When I bought a house, I heard that the developer had to air-condition the elevator. When I handed it over, I didn’t ask the property, and I didn’t get a reliable answer. The residential property fee was as high as 3.1 yuan/square meter, and there was no air conditioner in the elevator. It’s really impossible to say.”

    In this regard, the person in charge of the property of the community said that when the community handed over the house, the opener did not install air conditioning in the elevator. At first, the property was considered for safety. A camera was installed in the elevator. The wooden board used for fixing the camera blocked the air outlet, which caused the elevator to be poorly ventilated and somewhat stuffy. Now, the board has been removed, the fan car is ventilated at the top of the elevator car, and it takes only one minute to get to the top floor by taking the elevator, which is to endure for a while. At present, the property does not have plans to install air conditioners in the elevators.

    Reporter visits: Most residential elevators have no air conditioning. Individual districts are equipped with fans to cool down.

    Walking out of a certain district of Hanyang, the reporter went to the neighborhood next door and randomly walked into the residential buildings of the residential area. The building is also a super-tall building with a total floor area of 47 floors and two passenger elevators. The reporter walked into the elevator and found that the two elevators were near the upper left corner of the elevator door, and an electric fan was hung to bring a cool wind.

    Elevator like steamer Whether high-rise residential area can be installed with air conditioning

    According to the person in charge of the residential property, the elevator did not have air conditioning when the developer delivered it. In order to solve the problem of sultry heating in the summer elevator car, the property installed a fan in the tower passenger elevator with high occupancy rate. At present, some buildings with low occupancy rates are not equipped with fans. In order to avoid the collision of the fans when decorating the materials, the next step will be to install fans in all elevators as the whole decoration is completed.

    The person in charge said that the installation of air-conditioning involved related costs, and the current property has no intention of installing air-conditioning.

    On the 3rd, the reporter once again visited several new high-rise communities near the Civic Home and found that there were no air conditioners installed in the elevators in these communities. The residents of the community have different opinions on whether the elevator is equipped with air conditioners.

    Mr. Wang, a resident of Baibu Pavilion, said that the high-rise elevator technology has matured and can reach his floor in a minute or two. "In such a short period of time, the heat can be tolerated."

    Ms. Zhang, another resident of the community, said that the elevator in the community was relatively cool. She always thought that there was air conditioning. Later, she asked the property that there was only an exhaust fan in the elevator and no air conditioner was installed. "It feels good right now, I don't think there is any need to install air conditioning."

    The community also has owners who want the elevator to install air conditioning. A male owner living in a high-rise said that the occupancy rate of the community is not high now, and there are not many elevators. After the number of residents has gradually increased, it is bound to face an increase in the number of passengers and a decrease in comfort.

    The person in charge of the property of the community said that the exhaust fan in the elevator is open for a long time to keep the elevator ventilated. When the community developer delivered, there was no air conditioning installed in the elevator. The property had the need of the owner in consideration of the hot weather. The developer had to apply for the installation of the elevator air conditioner, but the application has not yet passed.

    Residential property fees for air-conditioned rooms are higher. Property: Property fees are not directly related to elevator air-conditioning.

    In an interview with the reporter, the person in charge of a residential property near the citizen's house revealed that the elevators need to pay extra for the installation of air conditioners. The latter maintenance also requires a certain cost. In the case that the owners are not willing to raise the property fees, the general property will not voluntarily contribute. Install air conditioning.

    Resident Mr. Yang has similar views. He believes that the installation of air-conditioning in the elevator is necessary to increase the corresponding maintenance costs, the property will inevitably charge the relevant fees, if it is not necessary to install air-conditioning at the expense of increasing property fees.

    On the 4th, the reporter learned that air conditioners were installed in the elevators of a certain district in Jianghan District. Ms. Wang, the owner of the community, said that the community is super high-rise, with a total of 47 floors. When she first bought a house, she was looking after the butler service of the community. The community was not only equipped with air conditioning in the elevator, but also had air conditioning in the lobby waiting for the elevator. “In the summer, from the hot outdoor into the cool unit building, the whole person is much more comfortable.”

    The property property staff of the community introduced that the community developers were equipped with air conditioners when they delivered the house. Although the residential property fee was 4.2 yuan/square meter per month, it was not directly related to the provision of elevator air conditioners. Mainly because of the quality of management services, it is more expensive than other communities.

    A district in Wuchang District is also equipped with air conditioning in the elevator of the super high-rise, and the property fee is 4.5 yuan/square. The residential property also stated that the property fee is charged according to the overall service level of the community and is not directly related to the provision of elevator air conditioners.

    Whether the elevator is equipped with air conditioning is not mandatory. Installation requires “balance factor experiment”

    Should the air conditioner be installed in the elevator, such as the requirements for installing air conditioners, is there any relevant regulations? The reporter interviewed some relevant departments.

    The relevant person in charge of Wuhan Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau said: In the national standard for elevator manufacturing and installation, there is no mandatory requirement for the air conditioning cooling facilities in the elevator car. If the owner thinks that air conditioning needs to be installed, it is recommended to negotiate with the property company through the owner's committee.

    The person in charge of the Wuhan Special Equipment Supervision and Inspection Institute said that the elevators were not installed with air conditioners at the factory, but they could be installed with air conditioners through third-party procurement. The general elevator air conditioner weighs about 100 kg. After the elevator is installed with air conditioner, considering the elevator balance factor, it is equivalent to two extra weights of the elevator. It is necessary for the elevator maintenance company to re-do the “balance factor test” on the elevator.

    The relevant person in charge of a maintenance company said: It is not difficult to install air conditioners in elevators, but in order to better protect the safety of the owners, it is necessary to do a "balance factor test" after installing air conditioners. The installation of air conditioners is more comfortable for the owners to enter and exit. It does not affect the use of air conditioners. Each elevator is equipped with a ventilation air outlet at the factory. The elevator car is not completely sealed, so you don't have to worry about oxygen shortage.

    The reporter learned from a number of elevator maintenance companies that because most of the properties and owners of Wuhan are not willing to pay the relevant fees for air-conditioning, the elevators in the community have a few air conditioners. The "Measures for the Administration of Property Services Charges in Hubei Province" promulgated in March 2018 stipulates that property service charges should follow the principles of legality, reasonableness, openness, honesty, and quality. There is no clear provision in the property party whether it is necessary to add property management fees to the elevators installed in the high-rise residential quarters.

    In an interview, the reporter found that the air-conditioning service provided by the elevator in the super high-rise residential area in Wuhan is generally more than 4 yuan per square meter. If air-conditioning service is not provided, the property fee is generally in the range of 2 yuan to 4 yuan.

    40-story high-rise elevator installation of an air conditioner costs about 7,000 yuan. Elevator air conditioning maintenance costs are not high

    How much does it cost to install an air conditioner in an elevator? What is the maintenance cost? The reporter interviewed the person in charge of an elevator company. The person in charge said: The installation cost of air-conditioning is generally determined according to the floor and the load. According to the current elevator with a load of 1000 kilograms, the cost of 10 floors is about 5,000 yuan. The height of the floor is only for the length of the air-conditioning power supply cable. Like the super high-rise residential building, the 40-story cable will increase by about 100 meters, and the cost will increase by about 2,000 yuan. That is to say, an air conditioner is installed in a 40-story high-rise elevator, and the cost is about 7,000 yuan.

    The person in charge said that the procedure for installing the air conditioner in the elevator is very simple. The top of the elevator car is equipped with an air inlet and an air outlet, which can circulate the air, and then the air conditioner main unit is mounted on the beam of the elevator car top gantry frame, and then the elevator balance coefficient test can be performed. . The maintenance of the elevator air conditioner is also very simple, and the cost can basically be included in the elevator maintenance fee.

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