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Introduction Of Development Trend Of Conveyor Line Equipment

Jun 19, 2017

Conveyor line equipment in the enterprise in the use of a very wide range. Because of its simple operation, easy maintenance, saving production costs and other characteristics, making the site ranking optimization, conveyor lights line equipment in the enterprise much favored. Here is a brief introduction to the development trend of the conveyor line equipment.

1, reduce energy consumption to save energy, has become a field of transportation technology research work in a tense. Has 1 ton of material transported by 1 km of energy consumed as a choice of conveyor one of the indicators.

2, to expand the use of the conveyor. The development of high temperature, low temperature conditions, corrosive, radioactive, flammable substances in the environment of work, and can transport hot, explosive, easy to group, sticky material conveyor.

3, in the factory operation process, you can cut a variety of conveyor in the operation of the dust, noise and emissions of emissions.

4, so that the construction of the conveyor material to meet the material handling system initiative to control the requirements of the single. Such as the post office used in the active sorting parcel of the car conveyor should be able to meet the requirements of sorting action.

5, more relevant data statistics. Pipeline equipment inherited to large-scale development. Large-scale, including large transport capacity, large single-machine length and large transport angle and so on several aspects. The length of the hydraulic transmission assembly has reached 440 km or more. Belt conveyor stand-alone length of nearly 15 km, and has emerged by a number of units linked to the two B "belt conveyor". Many countries are exploring long-distance, large transport capacity to continue the delivery of materials more perfect conveyor structure.

Conveyor is in a certain line on the continuation of the transport of material handling equipment can be horizontal, tilt and vertical transport, can also form a space transmission line, the transmission line is usually fixed. Conveyor capacity, transport distance, but also in the delivery process at the same time to complete a number of process operations can be a single conveyor, but also more than one composition or other transport equipment to form a horizontal or inclined transport system to meet the different layout of the situation The job line is necessary.