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Intellectualization Of Elevator Inspection Technology

Jul 10, 2017

With the advent and development of the information age, digital technology has been used in all aspects of social life, the intelligent and digital elevator inspection technology has become the current social background of the next trend of the technological tide.

Daily life in the elevator inspection often has a great risk, elevator staff need to face a variety of dangerous emergencies, life safety is certain impact, such as in the future elevator inspection technology to replace the artificial detection of intelligent equipment, and make it in the elevator detection operation method than the manual detection more accurate and accurate, Such a device can only be produced in reducing labor costs. The risk of working environment is compressed to create a safe and good test environment for equipment inspectors while the data obtained in the process of elevator inspection is more authentic.

At present, European countries have a certain basis for the research and Development of the survey robot, and have already put the corresponding elevator inspection side intelligent equipment to the people to use, China's elevator intelligent equipment development in recent years has made rapid development, research results are also in the trial and adjustment stage.

Thus, the intelligent development of elevator inspection technology has been developed in the current large background, in the future, the comprehensive application of the elevator testing equipment of potassium will be clearly displayed in the whole elevator inspection practitioners.