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Institute Of Suzhou Vocational University Elevator

Dec 29, 2016

China's elevator industry technical gaps of more than 500,000 people, national official to "elevator engineering technology" professional recruitment, training colleges and only 63. On December 26, lift and escalator contractors Association, Suzhou Suzhou vocational University and signed to build a "School of Suzhou vocational University elevator" inaugurated the establishment, the elevator professional public school first opened in Suzhou vocational college.

At present, the output of Chinese in the elevator, the elevator ownership, lift growth for the world. Suzhou as the nation and the world's leading elevator manufacturing base, there are hundreds of elevator manufacturers, annual production capacity of elevator a total number of 1/4, Suzhou has a complete industrial chain of elevators simultaneously. In June this year, Suzhou introduced the agreement on implementation of creating internationally competitive manufacturing base in four decisions of the plan of action proposed: support the Wujiang and Changshu intelligent elevators and elevator equipment industry, and strive in 2018 the city's high-end equipment manufacturing industry's annual output value of 650 billion yuan, becoming the country elevator, cars and parts, CNC machine tools and other high-end equipment industry Center.

According to the agreement on cooperation between school and business school of construction elevator, lift and escalator contractors Association, Suzhou Suzhou vocational University, will take the odd input, make full use of their respective brands, a joint venture for the elevator industry consortium of teaching "College of Suzhou vocational University elevator." Municipal vocational General open "elevator engineering technology", the first planned 100 students next September the official opening. In addition, the two sides will also jointly build lifts training bases, training in elevator industry production, manufacturing, maintenance, marketing, research and development and other industries need practical talents.