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In Order To Install The Elevator, The Anti Vibration Beam Was Smashed! It Is A Good Thing To Install An Elevator

Jul 13, 2018

It is a good thing to install an elevator in an old residential building, but the owners of Unit 1 of Building 5, Xinxin Garden, Yingxie Road, Zhengzhou City, are now riding a tiger: the construction unit that installed the elevator disregarded the residents’ blocking of the construction of the seismic beam of the corridor. After being accused of violating the rules and dangers, the construction was eventually stopped. Today, the project is not overwhelming, and the residents are complaining.

Elevator installation works unfinished, residents complain

At 2 pm on July 9, the reporter saw that on the lawn downstairs, a large elevator derrick about 20 meters long was lying on the ground and was rusty. Outside the 1st floor, the floor of cement concrete pouring on the ground has been poured. Many of the exterior walls of the corridor have been collapsed, presenting the form of an elevator door.

Compared with other unit buildings, an east-west reinforced concrete beam on each floor has been smashed, especially in the eye. The beam only reveals a small section at both ends, and a large square steel tube is fixed on the upper side. The bare steel bar after the beam has been smashed is welded to the steel pipe.

Residents said that the project has been suspended for more than a month. It is said that the construction unit has caused the residents to be dissatisfied because the residents have prevented the forced construction from smashing the corridor beam.

Tamper with the main structure, endangering the safety of the house

Many of the owners of Unit 1 of the building said that their installation of elevators was fund-raising. Among them, each household on the 6th floor invested 35,000 yuan, and each household on the 3rd floor invested 20,000 yuan, a total of about 400,000 yuan, from the 7th floor. Resident Liu Ruixin (sound) as a representative, specifically responsible for the installation.

Liu Ruixin said during the interview that at present, because of the situation on the 2nd floor to prevent construction, it has been basically eliminated after their work. However, there are still many other factors that have caused the construction to be delayed.

Because the two households on the second floor did not sign the agreement, they did not leave a phone call on the notice, and there was no one at home during the on-site interview yesterday. Their specific circumstances are temporarily unknown.

Liu Ruixin did not express his opinion on the construction unit name and the construction unit's qualification for installing elevators. However, he believes that the current construction plan will not have a major impact on the safety of the building. This is also the most cost-effective solution. I hope to be understood.

The duty officer of Shengrun Property Co., Ltd., who is responsible for the residential property service, said that they have posted an announcement about the matter and informed the owner about the situation.

The notice that was posted said that during the inspection, they found that the owner of the unit had removed the window of the step ladder and the wall along the lower side during the installation of the elevator, which damaged the weight of the building and caused hidden dangers to the weight of the building. The building is assessed for safety and remedial measures are taken.

In this case, the staff of the Housing Security and Real Estate Administration Housing Safety Office of Zhengzhou City said that it is a good thing to install an elevator on an old building. However, under normal circumstances, the main structure of the house cannot be changed without authorization. Can't afford it.

"The government encourages the installation of elevators. It is good intentions, but it does not mean that it can be constructed freely and blindly. The relevant procedures for planning and construction should be fulfilled and cannot be ignored." The staff member believes that the corridors like Xinxin Garden will be destroyed. In the case of the beam, if the owner reports, in accordance with the relevant regulations, the law enforcement department may investigate and deal with the person responsible for the construction party.

Experts say

Yesterday afternoon, Wang Chuanqing, a veteran of the elevator installation industry in Zhengzhou, said that the elevator in Unit 1 of Building 5 of Xinxin Garden Community had been installed. He had received a telephone call from the resident and had visited the site and passed the developer and property company. The construction commission, the Planning Bureau and other departments inquired about the construction drawings, but did not find them.

“I didn’t query the drawings. I designed a set of corridor-style elevators for them. I avoided the corridor beams, that is, the seismic beams of the various layers. The cost is about 500,000, but their contact is too expensive. Therefore, if you want to go it alone, it will cause the situation now, and it will not be worth the candle," he said.

"This is a typical self-defeating, that is." Wang Chuanqing said that with the gradual landing of the policy and the continuous follow-up reports of the media, the installation of elevators in the old buildings has gradually warmed up throughout the country in recent years, and many successful cases have emerged. However, under the craze, security issues have quietly emerged, and it cannot but cause concern and attention from all walks of life.

According to public information, in recent years, there have been many safety accidents in the elevator installation industry, such as the collapse of the derrick caused by the installation of elevators.

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