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Huiyi United Elevator Won The Bid For The National People's Congress To Install The Elevator No. 001

Jan 14, 2019

On January 2, 2019, the National People's Congress Conference Center installed the elevator procurement No. 001 standard consultation group to be assessed by the National People's Congress Office Procurement Center, and confirmed that the company won the bid by Huiyi United Elevator Technology Co., Ltd.

The installation of elevators in old buildings is a matter of great concern to the society and the urgent need for the people to solve them. Beijing’s “Comprehensive Work Plan for Old Residential Areas (2018-2020)” requires that the old community be integrated from the bottom up according to the wishes of the masses. Renovation work, installation of elevators as an important transformation content into the comprehensive rectification list of the old community. Beijing clearly added the elevator financial subsidy policy, the elevator purchase and installation costs in accordance with each subsidy of 240,000 yuan, the pipeline due to the installation of elevators The transfer fee is subsidized according to the actual situation, and the maximum is not more than 400,000 yuan.

    Three modes of installing elevators During the process of installing elevators, our company actively explored and introduced social capital to participate, and gradually formed three modes. The first is the “Building and Renting” model. The owner entrusts our company as the main body of implementation, and is responsible for the investment of the elevator and subsequent maintenance. The owner pays the usage fee on a monthly or yearly basis, which solves the problem of high initial installation cost. The second is the ownership unit or collective investment installation model. Third, the owner self-raising model, the owner self-raised funds, entrusted our company to implement installation and follow-up maintenance, the cost is agreed by the owner.

  “Building and renting” is an escalation model initiated by our company. The advantage lies in the fact that residents do not pay for the construction funds in the early stage. After the elevator is built, it will be paid on an annual or monthly basis. The initial capital pressure of the residents is relatively small; the charging method is flexible and late. Operation management does not have to worry, most residents can accept, and residents' opinions are relatively well coordinated. At present, the number of elevators installed in Beijing according to this model is relatively large.

In 2018, the installation of elevators in Beijing's old buildings was listed as an important livelihood project by the municipal government. More than 400 projects were planned to be completed and more than 200 were completed. It was learned from the Beijing Municipal Construction and Construction Committee that the installation of elevators in Beijing's old buildings in 2018 was started. 990, of which 378 have been added.

    In recent years, the municipal party committee and the municipal government have attached great importance to actively responding to the aging of the population, improving the living environment, improving the quality of livability, and effectively solving the problem of “the old building is equipped with elevators”, which is highly concerned by the society and urgently needed to be solved by the people. Secretary Cai Qi and Mayor Chen Jining repeatedly inspected and instructed that the Municipal People's Congress and the CPPCC were highly concerned and repeatedly visited the site for investigation and supervision. It can be seen that the elevator installation market in Beijing is very huge, bringing business opportunities and benefits to the elevator industry. Under the supervision of the municipal government and the competent department of the industry, our elevator industry should strengthen its own business level. For a complicated system project, we should provide reasonable suggestions for users according to different existing old buildings, and do the work of installing elevators with quality and quantity. For the common people to solve the rare problems of travel in old buildings, do the due diligence and obligations for the society.

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