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How To Solve The Problem Of Elevator Maintenance

Apr 10, 2018

In June 2016, Ningbo was approved to build the national insurance innovation comprehensive test area. In August of the same year, Ningbo city Yinzhou District urban forest district industry committee, YOUNGOR property, Ningbo Ren Jie elevator equipment Engineering Co., Ltd. and human insurance financial insurance Ningbo branch jointly signed the elevator safety comprehensive insurance policy and the elevator maintenance contract, and opened the supporting network system to realize the elevator insurance and the maintenance suit. Synchronized operation is the first national insurance pilot project to participate in elevator comprehensive management. As of April 1st this year, there were 45 District pilot elevator safety comprehensive insurance in the whole area of Yinzhou. A total of 1403 elevators were on the "insurance rope". The average maintenance time was extended from 35 minutes to 60 minutes. At the same time, the average elevator maintenance cost and the elevator failure rate were 50% and 40% respectively compared to the same period of the year.

"There are more than 5000 vertical elevators in the residential district of Yinzhou District. Some elevators have been used for more than ten years. These old elevators often fail to affect the safety of the residents." Yinzhou District residential construction bureau responsible person said that a large number of problems of elevator, in addition to the elevator with the increase in use years and gradually old, there are the elevator maintenance units of the good and the bad, the maintenance account records are incomplete, the property company for the elevator lack of professional understanding and other reasons.

Therefore, Yinzhou elevator comprehensive insurance pilot project first innovates the payment method of maintenance cost. It is entrusted jointly by the Industry Council, the property insurance company and the insurance company to maintain the elevator according to the requirements. And the original property unit directly paid the maintenance service fee to the insurance company to pay the insurance premium to the insurance company. Under the premise of the maintenance work of the maintenance unit on time and high quality, the insurance company will pay the related maintenance cost to the maintenance service unit.

Then, Yinzhou and insurance company jointly developed the "PICC elevator guard" system, and realized the whole process supervision of maintenance service. In the daily maintenance process of the elevator, the maintenance unit can upload the maintenance information through the system; the insurance company monitors the operation risk and handles it in time; the market supervision and management department monitors the daily work of the maintenance unit at any time. "We provide the system with the card card function, and the system process setting photos and influence upload function, to supervise the maintenance unit to carry out the uniform and strict standard, and prevent the work from cutting the material." Shu Heng, senior director of Yinzhou branch of PICC, introduces that the company has supervised nearly 20 thousand times of maintenance and reissued 300 times.

Zhu Yongchun, a property manager of the Yinzhou District urban forest community in Ningbo, said that since the pilot elevator safety comprehensive insurance was pilot, residents and properties can be scanned by the two dimensional code on the elevator door and enter the "PICC elevator guard" system to view the elevator, so the maintenance personnel come more diligently, work more seriously, and everyone claps their hands on it. Praise。

"In general, the elevator safety regulation mode makes the elevator safety precautions before the incident, the supervision of the maintenance process in the event, and the ex post responsibility traceability and compensation. This year, we will gradually expand our work and cover more than 80% elevators. We plan to secure "safety rope" for nearly 4000 elevators. The person in charge of the Yinzhou District Housing Construction Bureau said.

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