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How To Effectively Improve The Efficiency Of The Conveyor Roller

Jun 30, 2017

As the roller is the main load on the conveyor, the transmission parts, so its quality is good or bad, whether the operation directly affect the efficiency of the entire conveyor equipment, the most common problem is the conveyor roller is easy to transfer stuck This is mainly because the existing structure is supported by the two ends of the hollow bearing body structure, the length is longer, both ends of the bearing and the middle of the spindle concentricity requirements are relatively high, and due to long-term transmission and load Large and other reasons, the roller body is likely to be due to trembling or external impact and deformation or deformation of the spindle, so that the roller at both ends of the bearing different shaft, the phenomenon of stuck, the need for timely replacement, otherwise it will seriously wear the above Rubber conveyor belt, affecting work efficiency.

In order to solve the above problems, it can be achieved by a piecewise belt roller with low machining accuracy, simple structure and no stuck phenomenon. The concrete structure includes roller body and roller shaft, the main feature is the roller The body is provided with a bearing, the bearing is provided with a bearing and is connected with the roller shaft, the plurality of roller bodies are connected in series with each other on the roller shaft, and one can be arranged in the bearing seat, Two adjacent very close to the bearing, this product is mainly to change the existing section into a multi-section, that is, a number of short roll in series on a spindle to use, this structure completely changed the carrying roller The force of the state, the force directly applied to the steel spindle, the short roll body can not be bent deformation, so that greatly reduce the wear rate, life expectancy, without frequent maintenance replacement, to protect the conveyor belt and other transportation Machine supporting components, making the whole conveyor equipment to improve the efficiency of the work.

Key implementation Note: The roll of the roller is relatively short, the internal inherent with the roller body with the interference fit bearing, bearing and roller shaft connected to the same time using the elastic ring to be fixed, both sides of the roller body Set the seal, and because the two bearings are installed in the same bearing seat, the distance is very close, it can be regarded as a set of bearings, so there will be no concentricity of the problem, the operation stability will be higher.