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How To Choose The Right Equipment According To The Characteristics Of The Conveyor

Jul 20, 2017

My company mainly produces a variety of pipeline equipment, its products are mainly used in a variety of commonly used conveyor, in addition to bucket elevator, feeder and other products, so we have to be familiar with these products and understand Caixing, So that we can fully understand the company's all products, and be able to become familiar with the manufacturer. Today, at this request, Xiaobian to introduce the product description, mainly in the conveyor in this regard, including several types, so the content is fragmented, there is no summary of the summary, we After reading the following content to understand, and hope to give some specific help and inspiration, so that we can learn to use, and will not waste.

Conveyor in the belt conveyor, it is a more commonly used conveyor, which can be carried out horizontally, can also be a certain angle of inclination to transport. Its type, there are fixed and mobile these two, which can be adjusted to move the working position and delivery height, and fixed is fixed and can not be moved.

Screw conveyor, it is also one of them, mainly used to transport, lifting machine loading and unloading bulk solid materials, and its main advantage is simple structure, low cost. However, if you want to transport polished, or toxic, or corrosive materials, then it is necessary to use the vibration conveyor, the screw conveyor is not suitable. However, the use of vibration conveyor also has some shortcomings and limitations, mainly because it can not be used to transport easily damaged or sticky material, prone to problems. In addition, it is not possible to carry out the inclination transport at a large angle.

Therefore, in summary, different types of conveyors, the delivery of materials is a certain range, so we have to be targeted to choose, so that can be selected to the most appropriate, get a good delivery effect.