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How About The Safety Of The Cargo Lift?

Jun 19, 2017

How about the safety of the Cargo Lift? This is an unavoidable problem, but also a lot of users need to buy Cargo Lift is very concerned about a problem, it is worth Cargo Lift manufacturers to pay attention to a problem. Xiaobian below to come to solve this problem for everyone:

First of all, the design of the drawings, will be designed to a certain amount of overload, because a lot of users are not very concerned about the overload problem, how easy to use, which also caused a lot of events can be avoided, and such events caused by the loss is not Recovered. Then there is the welding process, the hydraulic Cargo Lift is mostly assembled with a rectangular tube, so the strength of the welding, a direct impact on the hydraulic Cargo Lift and safety performance level. Of course, there is the most critical step, that is, the quality of the finished product, that is, a hydraulic lift from the design to delivery to use the final transfer process, that is, quality inspection, high-quality hydraulic Cargo Lift, 60 times the load takeoff and landing experiments, all the data can not be lower than the relevant national standards. Hydraulic Cargo Lift so high, how is security? From the above aspects can be seen, although the hydraulic Cargo Lift high, safety indicators do a good job, you can still use the rest assured.

Hydraulic cargo Cargo Lift a lot of goods back and forth every day, so the daily care and maintenance of the core structure of the hydraulic ladder is very important. First of all, we need to understand what the structure of the core of the elevator is the use of high-strength steel structure for the frame, the battery for the power supply device to hydraulic cylinder as a power device. In the usual case, the rigid structure of the hydraulic ladder structure is not any problems, the most important hydraulic cylinders in the case of long-term use, often due to the wear of the seal or hydraulic or hydraulic cylinder internal leakage Which caused the hydraulic ladder can not run, this is a very serious problem. Other parts of the hydraulic ladder, such as battery power, steel and other problems can be repaired. As the hydraulic parts of the hydraulic parts of the hydraulic cylinder once the damage is irreparable, and the replacement cost is also very costly. Therefore, in daily use, we should pay attention to the daily maintenance of the lift, scheduled to maintain the hydraulic cylinder, clean hydraulic cylinder.