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House Prices Skyrocket! It Will Also Gradually Lift Elevator Maintenance Premiums

May 25, 2018

The lofty elevation of flats is a true portrayal of this era. More and more people have lived in 30-story new buildings. In recent years, prices in our city have been showing an unprecedented upward trend.

       Elevators are not only the supporting facilities of buildings, but also the indispensable vertical transportation in people's lives. Only "healthy" elevators can guarantee the safety of people's travel. The quality of elevator maintenance can directly determine whether the elevator can run normally.

     In fact, every product has a long life, and the daily maintenance of elevators is particularly important to us. As housing prices continue to rise, the price of the entire market is driven up, and rising prices have also led to an increase in labor costs. Prices have increased by 1 or 2 times compared with previous years, but the maintenance cost of elevators has remained at the previous standard. This has made many companies unable to support it. Speaking of a simple example, it is obviously impossible to spend money on repairing tractors to enjoy the services of BMW.

     Therefore, the skyrocketing housing prices will not only increase the prices and labor costs, but will also gradually increase elevator maintenance premiums.

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