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Heilongjiang Province Launched The Three No Elevators Special Rectification

Jul 20, 2018

On the 17th, the reporter learned from the provincial government that in order to strengthen the safety work of elevators in Heilongjiang Province and ensure the safety of the people riding elevators and the convenience of travel, the "Implementation Opinions of the General Office of the People's Government of Heilongjiang Province on Strengthening the Quality and Safety of Elevators" was released.

No maintenance funds can be raised by the owner or subsidized by the government

The provincial, municipal (prefecture), county (city, district) governments have overall responsibility for elevator safety work within the jurisdiction, and the local government's dispatching agencies such as township and town governments and sub-district offices and development zone management agencies assist the relevant departments in doing their own administration. Safety supervision and management of elevators in the area. Strengthen the management and renovation of hidden dangers. Strengthen the investigation and management of elevator safety hazards. For the “three no elevators” (no property management, no maintenance, no maintenance funds) and elevators with major accidents, take the supervision. Carry out the special rectification of “three no elevators”, find out the base, and register the townships (streets) for the region. In the absence of property management, the township and town governments, as well as the sub-district offices and development zone management agencies shall coordinate the implementation of the property management units. For non-dimensional maintenance units, the special equipment safety supervision and management department shall provide a list of local maintenance units and urge the property management units to implement maintenance. On the one hand, the owner of the elevator can set up a corresponding management organization to solve the problem by raising funds from the owner; on the other hand, the special maintenance fund is urgently used, or the government subsidizes part of the funds. Governments at all levels must effectively solve outstanding problems such as loss of elevators, disrepair, and lack of maintenance funds. (Completed by the end of 2019) to promote the renovation and renovation of old residential elevators. Governments at all levels should formulate relevant policies for the renovation and renovation of old residential elevators, and promote the renovation and renovation of old residential elevators. (Completed by the end of 2020) Establish a safety assessment mechanism for old residential elevators. Establish local standards for the risk assessment of old residential elevators and the abolition of major elevator components. (Completed before the end of 2019) For the old residential elevators with a service period of more than 15 years, or the operation failure rate is obviously high and can not meet the safety requirements, the user can apply, entrust the elevator inspection, inspection agency or elevator manufacturing unit. The service organization conducts a safety risk assessment and performs overhaul, modification or renewal based on the evaluation results.

Promote the integrated procurement mode of "elevator equipment + maintenance service"

Promote the elevator integrated procurement model. In the process of procurement bidding, installation, renovation, maintenance and maintenance of elevator equipment, the “Elevator Equipment + Maintenance Service” integrated procurement mode was implemented. Innovative elevator management. Pilots will be launched in Daqing City to promote qualified enterprises to explore professional and large-scale elevator management methods, and strive to produce successful experiences that can be replicated. (Completed by the end of 2019) to promote the transformation of maintenance mode. Promote on-demand maintenance in accordance with the law, strive for the support of the national special equipment safety supervision and management department, and carry out pilot on-demand maintenance of elevators in Harbin. (Completed by the end of 2020) Promote new models such as “all-inclusive maintenance”, “Internet of Things + maintenance”, stipulate failure rate indicators, ensure timely replacement of components with severe aging and wear, prevent preventive maintenance, and reduce elevator “sick operation” "The resulting elevator troubles and accidents, improve the quality and safety of elevators."

Mobile communication signal covers the car to build "96333" rescue platform

Establish a traceability system and an emergency rescue platform. Establish a quality and safety traceability system for the entire life cycle of elevators. Construction of elevator traceability system management platform. Advance the work of mobile communication signal coverage in the elevator car. The communication management department shall formulate the promotion work plan and work plan, urge all communication operators to implement the coverage of the elevator car mobile phone network signal, and build the elevator rescue lifeline. Construction of elevator emergency rescue disposal service platform. The municipal (local) governments (departments) shall include elevator emergency rescue into the emergency rescue system of the region, establish an elevator emergency rescue disposal service platform, and coordinate and coordinate the emergency rescue work of the elevator. Harbin City should promote the construction of the "96333" elevator emergency rescue processing service platform.

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