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Heavy Headlines! Huasheng Fujitec Officially Launched The East Extension Line Of Beijing Metro Line 7

Mar 07, 2019

At the beginning of 2019, Huasheng Fujitec officially launched the East Extension Line of Beijing Metro Line 7, and the New Year sales business was strong! Line 7 East Extension Line and Fujitec Elevator will work together in horizontal and vertical traffic to accelerate the new capital and the new Beijing.

Line 7 Dongjin

Speed up Beijing Rail Transit Aorta

Beijing Metro Line 7 East Extension Line is a supporting subway project of Beijing City Sub-center. The construction mileage is 16.6 kilometers. All of them are underground lines. There are 9 stations in total, from west to east: Huangchangcun Station and Dougzhuang Station, Heizhuang Station, Wansheng South Street West Exit Station, Yunjing East Road Station, Xiaomazhuang Station, Gaoloujin Station, Shiyuan Station and Global Theme Park Station. It is expected to be opened at the same time as the eight-way line Nanyan at the end of 2019 to jointly serve the global theme park project, to build a fast rail transit link between the global theme park and the external transportation hub. At the same time, as the backbone line 7 in the rail transit network. The eastern extension will also be linked to the corridor between the central city and the southern part of Tongzhou New Town, alleviating the pressure of the existing eight-line line, and also driving the development and construction of functional areas such as the Shantou core area and the Tongzhou cultural tourism area. The construction is of great significance.

Universal Studios

"The place where the dream begins"

Universal Studios Station is a two-line parallel interchange station for the East Extension of the Metro Line 7 and the South Extension of the Batong Line. It is also the main entrance to the Future Global Theme Park. It serves as the municipal infrastructure transportation facility for the three-dimensional transportation hub of the Global Theme Park. The main positioning is to directly serve the Universal Studios theme park. After the completion, the station will not only improve the transportation support capacity of the global theme park, but also strengthen the rapid rail transit connection between the key functional areas such as Financial Street and CBD (commercial center) and the Beijing City Sub-center.

The station's design plan “The place where the dream begins” is provided through an international collection, and is provided by a consortium composed of the Beijing Municipal Engineering Design and Research Institute, the French AREP and the Beijing Hongdu Hospital. With the theme of “Dream”, the program incorporates the elements of Chinese ink landscape painting and the future of science fiction. The plan adopts the concept of landscape architecture, fully integrating the subway building into the environment, creating a sense of experience for visitors with the theme park. The station hall is in the same plane as the outdoor. When the tourists walk out of the station hall, they can come to the sunken square in the park on both sides of the north and south, and go in and out in a flat layer. There is no sense of transition, so that you can enter the subway station hall.

Professional choice

Ensure vertical traffic safety and peace of mind

Universal Studios Station is the double “end point” of the east extension of the Metro Line 7 and the south extension of the Batong Line. It plans to have 4 inbound planes to disperse passenger flow and arrange more than 400 gate entrances, combining the capacity provided by the two subway lines. It needs to deal with instantaneous large passenger flow of 40,000 people per hour, which is three times that of ordinary subway stations. From this we can imagine that the number of transfer personnel in this busy key station will be extremely large. How to solve the vertical traffic problem in the station is one of the keys to ensure the orderly flow of passengers in the station.

As a world-renowned electric and escalator manufacturer, Huasheng Fujitec has professional and rich solutions for rail transit facilities. It has provided rail transit sites in Beijing, Shenyang, Dalian, Nanjing, Shenzhen, Shijiazhuang and Nanchang. Products and services, in Beijing alone, have provided more than 500 electric and escalator products for Metro Line 4, Line 10, and Line 7. With professional products and excellent service, Huasheng Fujida will once again reap the orders for the Beijing Metro project, and will provide 34 machine-roomless elevators for the Beijing Metro Line 7 East Extension Line, of which the most important Universal Studios will install 4 units. The 1600kg diesel-free sightseeing elevator ensures smooth and smooth traffic.

Together with the end of the year, take the Fujita Elevator and explore the Beijing Universal Studios Theme Park!

The Beijing Universal Studio project is expected to open to Chinese audiences in 2019! Universal Studios Beijing will also be the third in the world of Universal Pictures in Asia and the sixth theme park in the world. As the first Universal Studios in China, Beijing Huan Ying has the largest construction scale in the world with a total area of more than 4 square kilometers.

Universal Studios currently has five theme parks around the world, including the world's first ring shadow in Los Angeles, the largest Ordos + Adventure Island paradise currently in existence, as well as the Osaka ring shadow and the smallest Singapore ring. The size of Beijing Universal Studios will be larger than any other one. The core area of the park is 1.2 square kilometers, which is more than twice that of the Japanese ring shadow. It is also the size of five Singapore ring shadows, that is, three of the United States. Beijing Huan Ying is still the largest in the world. The total area of the resort is over 4 square kilometers (approximately 600 football fields). A total investment of more than 50 billion US dollars, including the first phase, the second phase of the theme park and a water park and five other resort hotels.

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