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Heavy-handed Rectification Of Elevator Maintenance Market: 3 Companies Were Investigated 11 Companies Were Persuaded

Jul 03, 2018

Due to the quality management problems of Weibao, three elevator maintenance units in Longyan were investigated and two companies were listed as “bad credit records” for key supervision. The Longyan City Quality Supervision Bureau notified the specific situation yesterday.

It is reported that from March to May this year, Longyan combined with elevator safety rectification, elevator demonstration community creation and maintenance quality, on-site spot inspection organized the 2017 annual elevator maintenance quality credit rating, involving 48 elevator maintenance services in the rock The unit.

    3 maintenance units were investigated

During the on-site maintenance quality inspection, it was found that the elevators of the ideal city area, which were maintained by Xiamen Jianqiao Elevator Equipment Co., Ltd., the Jinfushan Garment Factory elevators maintained by Fujian Anyong Elevator Co., Ltd., and the Longyan Anling Elevator Service Co., Ltd. The elevators of the First Hospital of Longyan City, which is responsible for the maintenance of the company, were all suspected of failing to maintain the elevators in accordance with the requirements of safety technical specifications. All three elevator maintenance units were investigated.

    In addition, Fuzhou Jiuyu Elevator Engineering Co., Ltd. and Yongda Elevator Equipment (China) Co., Ltd. Fujian Branch were included in the “bad credit record” for supervision, mainly because of the responsibility of the maintenance unit, resulting in a pass rate of less than 70%.

    After comprehensive scores, in 2017, it was rated 8 in the A, 17 in the B, 7 in the C, and 2 in the D. Compared with 2016, this year's A-level increase of 3, C-level reduction of 2, D-class reduction of 6, a test pass rate increased to 95%.

    The staff of Longyan City Quality Supervision Bureau introduced that the next step will be to implement incentive measures for the A-level and B-level maintenance units, and increase the frequency of on-site supervision and inspection of the C-level maintenance units. The main person in charge of the elevator maintenance unit entering the “bad credit record” will make an interview and list it as the key target of this year's supervision and inspection, and strengthen supervision and inspection of its on-site maintenance.

    11 maintenance units exit Longyan within one month

    Because it is unable to guarantee the normal operation of the quality assurance system, the poor quality of daily maintenance, the complaints are more, the application for license renewal or the performance is too small to maintain the company's operation, and voluntarily accepting the initiative to withdraw from the Longyan elevator maintenance market. There were 11 unassessed.

    The relevant person in charge of the Longyan City Quality Supervision Bureau stated that in order to effectively purify the elevator maintenance market in Longyan City, it has been limited to withdraw from the Longyan maintenance market within one month, and requested to carry out relevant maintenance and handover work for the 418 elevators involved. In order to prevent and eliminate the hidden dangers of elevator accidents, effectively reduce elevator failures, and let the masses take the ladder safely and rest assuredly.

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