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Guizhou Strengthens Elevator Quality And Safety Level To Ensure Safe And Convenient Travel

Aug 10, 2018

Recently, the reporter learned from the General Office of the Guizhou Provincial Government that in order to implement the "Opinions of the General Office of the State Council on Strengthening the Quality and Safety of Elevators", the work quality and safety of elevators in Guizhou Province will be further strengthened to ensure the safety of people's passengers and the convenience of travel. The Office of the General Administration issued the "Implementation Opinions on Strengthening the Quality and Safety of Elevators" (hereinafter referred to as "Opinions").

The "Opinions" proposes that by 2020, in Guizhou Province, efforts will be made to form a safe and secure work system with strong enforcement of laws and regulations, clear safety responsibilities, effective work measures, perfect supervision mechanism, and social participation, to realize the whole process of big data supervision and elevator quality. The safety level has been comprehensively improved, the safety situation has continued to be stable, and the death rate of elevators in Wantai is lower than the national average. At least one county (city, district, special zone) in each city (state) has built a provincial elevator safety management demonstration zone. .

The "Opinions" pointed out that the province's eight major tasks to strengthen elevator quality and safety work: First, to further improve the quality and safety of elevators. Supervise the elevator manufacturing enterprises to fully implement the quality and safety responsibilities, and do a good job in tracking and monitoring elevators, technical support and spare parts supply. The second is to further strengthen the management of elevator safety hazards. Supervise and guide the relevant units to strengthen the safety management of elevators and regularly carry out the investigation of hidden dangers of elevator safety. The key is to supervise the “three no elevators” that have no material management, maintenance and funds, and elevators with serious accidents, to ensure that the annual average hazard rate is controlled within 5%. The third is to further strengthen the management and maintenance of elevator use. Establish a standardization system for elevator use management and maintenance (hereinafter referred to as maintenance), implement regulations for regular inspection and use registration of elevators, and ensure that the periodic inspection rate and usage registration rate are above 95%. The fourth is to further improve the elevator safety traceability system and emergency rescue system. Accelerate the improvement of the application function of the special equipment supervision and management platform in Guizhou Province, and strengthen the information technology such as big data and Internet of Things in elevator production and operation, use management, maintenance, inspection and testing, safety assessment, supervision and inspection, emergency response, fault analysis, liability insurance, etc. The use of aspects. The fifth is to further improve the elevator inspection and testing capabilities. Optimize the configuration of elevator inspection and testing resources, support elevator inspection and testing institutions to further improve the level of technical equipment, and expand inspection and testing projects. The sixth is to further develop elevator liability insurance. Guide the production, use management and maintenance of elevators to actively insure elevator safety liability insurance. Seventh is to further promote the healthy development of the elevator industry. Encourage and support independent innovation of elevator manufacturing enterprises, provide high-quality products and services higher than national standards, and promote the transformation of elevator manufacturing enterprises from manufacturing to innovative and service-oriented enterprises. Eighth is to further improve the social security mechanism of elevator quality and safety. Taking the establishment of the provincial elevator safety management demonstration zone as the starting point, relying on the special equipment supervision and management platform of Guizhou Province, we will build an elevator safety management society with unified government leadership, departmental supervision, enterprise active responsibility, technical support of inspection and testing institutions, and extensive participation of society. Co-administration mechanism.

In order to make the elevator quality and safety work smoothly, the "Opinions" specifically proposed to strengthen organizational leadership, strengthen responsibility implementation, strengthen policy support, and strengthen publicity and education. Among them, a clear division of labor has been made in the implementation of responsibility, emphasizing that the housing and urban-rural construction department is responsible for the review of elevator engineering design in housing construction and municipal infrastructure projects, as well as the quality supervision and guidance of civil engineering projects such as elevator machinery rooms, shafts, pits, and emergency rescue passages. Property service companies that undertake elevator use management strengthen elevator use management and related services. The communications management department is responsible for coordinating and urging the basic telecommunications operators to accelerate the full coverage of the mobile communication signal network in the elevator car. The public security department is responsible for investigating and dealing with illegal activities such as destroying elevator safety facilities and endangering public safety, opening up green passages for emergency rescue and disposal of special vehicles entering the urban area, providing permission for passage, and cooperating with relevant units to carry out emergency rescue and handling of elevator emergencies. The insurance supervision department is responsible for guiding the insurance institutions to do well-guaranteed claims services, and supervising and managing the insurance institutions that cover the elevator safety liability insurance. The special equipment safety supervision and management department is responsible for supervising and inspecting the elevator production, operation, use units and inspection and testing institutions, and investigating and handling illegal acts in violation of laws, regulations, rules and safety technical specifications. The safety production supervision and management department is responsible for the safety comprehensive supervision and management of elevator production and operation units, and participates in the investigation and handling of elevator safety accidents.

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