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Gore Elevator Successfully Signed A Contract With Hohhot, Inner Mongolia: A Family Relocated House With 75 GOL Smart Batteries

Jul 04, 2018

A few days ago, Gore Elevator added a new benchmark – successfully signed a 75-Gore smart elevator and smart community project in a village in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia.

    Gore Elevator provides elevators for a village relocation house project in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia. It has intelligent information exchange with passengers, elevator equipment, maintenance service terminals and surrounding environment through the Internet of Things technology and elevator sensor system, so that the elevator has intelligent environment awareness. Capability, can automatically analyze the safe operation of the elevator, and enable the elevator to reach the destination floor safely and quickly according to the passenger's wishes, while effectively saving energy consumption and reducing the impact on the surrounding environment, greatly reducing the maintenance cost of the elevator and improving effectiveness.

    The smart community solution includes four core parts of the digital community system (visual intercom and access control), intelligent parking system, smart ladder control system and digital video surveillance system, which can realize the comprehensive management and operation functions of the community, for the property and The owners bring new feelings to the smart community.

    The chairman of Gore Elevator Company stated:

    “Gore Elevator is very honored and able to play an increasingly important role in the context of vigorously promoting smart China and smart life throughout China. Currently, there are Gore Elevator products in 450 provinces, autonomous regions and 450 cities across the country. Service. Gore Elevator combines leading IoT technology, rich manufacturing experience and perfect service system to create a complete intelligent community solution with intelligent elevator as the carrier."

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