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Good News! The Largest Artificial Lake In Jianlongyan, Longjin Park, With A Total Investment Of 4.2 Billion, Is Added To The Jinwang Elevator.

Sep 28, 2018

With the continuous advancement of the smart city construction process, the people's livelihood project has also been increasingly perfected. Recently, on the land of western Yunnan, “green” is spreading to the city. The Longjin Lake Park project with a total investment of 4.2 billion and a total landscape area of 305,614.67 m2 will be presented in a gorgeous manner. The high-quality elevator of Lingwang Elevator adds to its icing on the cake and becomes a moving landscape of Longjin Lake Park. It provides a high-quality, convenient and comfortable riding environment for the majority of Longyan people.

Longjinhu Park Project is located between Longyan Avenue and Longteng Road, west to Longteng Road, Jinji Road in the south and Chenyu River in the north. The preliminary design of the project is a comprehensive urban park integrating leisure, display and landscape. The land area is 643.65 mu, of which the water area is 175.8 mu. The total investment of the project is about 4.2 billion yuan (including land acquisition and demolition fees), of which the construction cost of Longjin Lake Park is about 1 billion yuan.

From the perspective of the area, the Longjin Lake project will become the largest water system park in the center of Longyan. At the same time, the Longjin Lake Park Project was designed by the Chinese Architectural Design Institute under the leadership of Academician Cui Wei. In accordance with the principle of “Natural Ecology, Simple Atmosphere, Practical and Convenient”, it integrates with Hakka culture and red culture, combined with the construction of sponge city. The article, to create a new landscape of the central city, after completion, the Longjing Lake Park with perfect planning and considerable value will become another city card.

Lingwang Elevator has always insisted on promoting quality through research and development, serving the word of mouth, creating high-end with personality, and using a number of unique advantages to create a combination of strength and win the trust of the market. Over the years, we have gradually reached strategic cooperation with large-scale municipal projects, five-star hotels, five A-class office buildings, and top 100 real estate developers! In the future, Ling Wang will remember the mission of “creating a safe and comfortable high-quality life for mankind”, study hard, do things practically, and move forward!

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