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Frequent Elevator Failure, How To Escape The Elevator

Mar 20, 2018

1, the owner

     31-story high-rise elevator with dishes

Recently, several homeowners in the Hejiang-Jijiang-gun community blasted their pots. Everyone was stricken: three months of power outages in one month and the lifts were out of service. The experience of going home from two to thirty stories allowed them to go home. upset. The owner, Ms. Zhou, said that due to the power outage, elevators in the residential high-rise residential buildings stopped operating and everyone could only take the stairs up and down. For the community consisting of tall buildings with more than 30 floors, Ms. Zhou believes: “Climbing 30 floors is really a torment.”

     Some owners said that he had encountered a pair of old people who had stopped due to power outages. They climbed over 20 floors and climbed for nearly half an hour. There are even more aggrieved owners, Ms. Li said that she encountered a baby stroller holding a child upstairs. She lived in more than ten layers, once she pushed the baby carriage to bring the child to the vaccination zone and came back to the community. It was just a power outage and the elevator was out of service. He had to take the children to climb the stairs. "That was not a tragic word to describe. It was hard to climb home with a dozen floors of a child holding a child. The legs were soft and almost cumbersome."

    The owner stated that from time to time he will experience power outages in the community, and that the elevator will be out of order. Some owners questioned whether elevators in high-rise districts should be equipped with emergency facilities such as “dual-loop” power supply. Even if the district’s power outage does not affect the normal operation of the elevators, the district’s elevators will be shut down several times. Are they not installed as required?

2, developers

    Emergency backup power will be installed in the future

    In this regard, Mr. Pan, the person in charge of the property company in Hejiang County, explained that this month the village was actually powered off three or four times, and some were caused by the transformation of the district circuit, and some were due to the power supply bureau to re-distribution of power outages. Each power outage lasted for about 3 hours. However, before the blackout, the property company will post a notice two days in advance. It may be that some owners did not pay attention to the notice before they prepared it.

    “The power outage is for the sake of not having to stop again. Please ask the owners to take more care.” Mr. Pan said that when the lines are reformed, the residential elevators will have emergency backup power, and even if there is a power outage, they will not have to worry about going out of service. Since the current line of the community has not been successfully reconstructed, it is expected that there will be several power outages. At that time, the property company will try to avoid the peak period of travel, set the time of power outage between 9:00 and 12:00, and notify the owners in advance.

       The developer of the community also responded that the community had planned power outages during this period, mainly because the temporary power supply was changed to a dedicated power supply for the second phase and the generator was commissioned. In the future, the community will have a backup power supply for elevators and fire fighting. In this way, the elevator can operate normally even in the event of a power outage.

3, investigation

   Double loop power supply is expensive

    In recent years, reporters have searched the media for reports that the high-rise residential areas in Nanning have been shut down due to power outages. The reporter also interviewed several high-rise residential quarters. Some residential property owners reported that although there were problems with power outages, they never encountered the situation in which the elevators stopped operating. Some community owners stated that as long as there was a blackout, the district’s Elevators are scheduled to close down, and sometimes even trapped people are involved.

    “If elevators are out of service after a power outage in a high-rise apartment, it may be that the cell does not have access to formal power, but uses 'pro power' and does not have the conditions to be able to start standby power after a power outage. This phenomenon occurs in some high-rise communities. There is no lack of examples.” Insiders pointed out that under normal circumstances residential property supply, elevators, pumps, fire and other primary and secondary loads, belonging to dual power supply, once the power outage will start standby power to ensure that the public facilities powered by.

    "In theory, all high-rise residential buildings should be equipped with dual power supplies." The industry frankly said that the backup power system is particularly critical for high-rise buildings, but the increase in the cost of dual-circuit power up to several million dollars, some developers out of economic interest Consider that this standard has not been implemented.

     “Without standby power, elevators will face greater safety risks.” According to industry insiders, starting backup power in the event of a power outage will allow the elevator to return to normal operation, while those without backup power will often exist during power outages. Elevators and other people. “Whether it is a dual-loop power supply or emergency measures such as configuring a generator, it is necessary to build the house before the developer designs and builds the house. It would be difficult to wait until the house is ready for use and then install it.”

4, the department

      Emergency power supply must be installed before acceptance

Does Nanning generally exist in high-rise residential elevators do not set up "double-loop" power supply as required? According to the "Residents' Supply and Distribution Facilities Construction Standards," the 30-storey high-rise residential electricity consumption belongs to Class 1 load. In the area, power units should provide emergency power. However, when the high-rise building was first constructed, the requirements for this block were not strict enough. Many high-rise residential communities had little standby power or designed dual-circuit power supply, and few had their own generators. The two-wire power supply facilities were few.

      In response, the power supply department stated that they can only make suggestions but they are difficult to supervise. They can only rely on the pre-design of the developers during the early construction period, and the construction commission and other departments should do a good job of supervision in the early stage.

      The relevant staff of the equipment station of the Nanning Urban-Rural Construction Committee also explained that in terms of supervision, as a matter of principle, there is no problem for the developer to follow the construction drawings. However, from the perspective of fire protection requirements, high-rise residential elevators should be equipped with emergency power, otherwise it is difficult to pass fire inspection.

      It is reported that the National Standard "High-rise Civil Building Design Fire Protection Code" stipulates that passenger elevators and domestic water pump power for residential buildings above 19 floors should be designed according to a type of electrical load, that is, they should have dual power supplies (including common power supply and backup power supply). This is the dual-loop power system. The power supply system should not interrupt power supply when power or line failure occurs, but there is no clear legal requirement that the elevator must install backup power. The staff member said: "If the developer does not set up dual-circuit power supply for high-rise residential elevators, at least it must be provided with emergency power supply to ensure that the normal operation of the elevator can be guaranteed under power outage conditions."

If trapped elevator how to escape safety

      Guangxi News Net - Nanguo Morning Post Nanning (Reporter Wang Shijie) Occurred when passengers were trapped in the elevator incident. What happened after being trapped? On June 27, an elevator maintenance company held an elevator trap rescue drill in conjunction with a residential property in Nanning City. . Professionals advise, in case

Trapped in the elevator, do not panic first.

Relieving while calming

      At 9:30 a.m., the on-duty personnel of the residential property learned from the central control room that someone was trapped in the elevator because of a sudden power outage. Upon receipt of the information for help, property personnel immediately rushed to the incident unit. After finding the trapped person's floor, property personnel began to scream through the elevator door.

       Property personnel call the elevator maintenance company and ask for help. After the call was over, the property officer again reassured trapped people in the elevator. “You can stand slightly behind and don’t rely on the elevator doors. The elevator is not closed, and there is no danger of suffocation.”

       Subsequently, elevator company maintenance personnel arrived at the scene and found that the elevator car hovered between the first floor and the second floor, and then climbed to the second floor. At the entrance of the elevator on the second floor, rescue workers communicated with the trapped people and rescued them.

       After waiting for the elevator car to be level with the floor, maintenance personnel opened the elevator door with a special key, and several trapped persons safely walked out of the elevator.

Trapped often know what to do

       Mr. Qin, a trapped person who participated in the exercise, said that through this exercise, he knew that in the future, if he is really trapped, he should not be nervous at first, nor can he arbitrarily kick the door and follow the normal call for help.

Mr. Huang of the residential property said that there are more than 80 elevators in the district. Not long ago, some residents were suddenly trapped in the elevator because of a sudden power outage. Once trapped, many residents are often overwhelmed and confused. Therefore, it is necessary to hold such a drill.

       If you are trapped, don't panic

       Gan Yi of Special Equipment Safety Supervision Division of Nanning Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision said that at present, the number of elevators in Nanning has exceeded 20,000, and elevators have become an indispensable special means of transportation for people's daily lives. The quality supervision department and related units jointly hold elevator rescue drills in order to let the elevator passengers know how to protect themselves once the elevator fails, and how to save people as soon as possible without any safety accident.

He said that he would like to remind everyone that if the elevator is trapped, it must be kept calm. The development of elevator technology is very mature. Therefore, when an elevator fails and personnel are trapped, do not make your own door and do not crawl out. You should contact the property or elevator maintenance personnel for rescue by pressing the emergency button.

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