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Foshan Has No Shadow Passed On? Kicking The Mosquitoes But Flying The Elevator Door

Mar 26, 2019

Lee kicked the elevator with his foot

When a man in Foshan, Guangdong Province took the elevator in the community, he said that he wanted to kick the mosquito because he wanted to kick the elevator door. However, the elevator was stuck in the middle of the floor, and the property required full compensation for the loss.

After the elevator door failed, the property personnel rushed to rescue the man and his son and claimed the repair cost of the elevator. But the man felt very wronged, and he felt that he only kicked his foot gently.

The elevator's monitoring showed that the man was not very hard, but it was because of the man's foot flying, it is understood that this situation is also a chance of one in ten thousand. Is it a man's foot is too heavy or the quality of the elevator? The matter is still under investigation.

In fact, the elevator door is not strong, only one card slot is fixed. In operation, the gap between each layer is only about three centimeters. Accidents that fall into the elevator shaft due to the elevator door often occur. For safety reasons, do not lean on the elevator door. It is still safe in the elevator.

The netizen's commentary is very serious. If you are wrong, some people support the quality of the elevator. Some people think it is the owner. However, there are also users who seem to be more professional. Comments: @Girl sick: Does she understand basic mechanics? If the elevator is not running, of course there is no way to break it.

The elevator is running, the small owner applies vertical force, causing the elevator door to be misaligned with other components, and the power of the elevator runs to squeeze the door. It’s like being on the ground, I push you all right. Half a foot in the air, I push you downstairs, you fall to death, a truth...

Is the owner's footwork too heavy or the quality of the elevator? It is still under investigation. For the "Foshan Shadowless Foot" passer-by appeared? The strange man kicked the elevator door with a foot, the power is amazing. What do you think? Welcome to express your views and communicate with Xiaobian.

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