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Fear Of Being Owed Wages Stole Nearly 180,000 Yuan Worth Of Elevator Parts

Apr 25, 2018

In March of this year, a construction site on the Communist Youth League Road in Nanjing found that some elevators were missing and some tens of thousands of yuan were lost. After investigating the police, it was discovered that this was a farce for the construction of the site to guard against theft.

Through the surveillance screen, the police discovered that on the night of March 24 this year, two people rushed through the screen with stolen elevator components. One of them was the elevator installer Yang on the site. After Yang was arrested, he argued that his motivation for committing the crime was unexpectedly fearing that the construction site was in arrears with wages and caused personal losses. He decided to steal equipment and exchange money first. So Yang recruited the elementary school student Lee, who was an apprentice driver for the car, to help with the transportation. The two agreed to share the money.

The criminal suspect Yang said: “For a moment, be confused. Listen to them saying that the company owed wages. In the past when we were doing in Tianjin, when some bosses didn’t pay their wages, a few of them dismantled that thing and thought it was not. Steal people's stuff.

After succeeding, Yang quickly found the buyer online and was ready to ship. Eventually, the police intercepted elevator components that had been packed and not shipped yet at the logistics company. After accounting, the total value of the stolen 6 elevator mainboards and 6 inverters was nearly 180,000 yuan.

Zhao Qing of the Litigation Supervision Department of Nanjing Yuhuatai District People's Procuratorate told the reporter: “The criminal suspect Yang defended himself because he feared that he could not get his wages and he did not take precautions for the theft. In fact, this justification is simply untenable. For a moment's greed, he now faces more than three years, ten years of imprisonment, and a fine.

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