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Fast Passenger Elevator Receives The Lloyd's Quality System Certificate

Sep 12, 2018

Recently, Express Passenger Elevator (China) Co., Ltd. relies on its own advantages in precision manufacturing, the world's leading technology research and development strength, and almost strict product quality control system. All ladders of Express Passenger Elevator are strictly reviewed by Lloyd's Quality Certification Co., Ltd. Successfully passed the Lloyd's Quality System Certification from the UKAS Accreditation Council (UKAS).

Lloyd's Quality System Certification

With the active cooperation of all departments of the company, the certification expert group conducts the item-by-item evaluation of the suitability of the documents, the on-site management norms, the environmental factors and the compliance of relevant laws and regulations, etc., in accordance with the principle of rigor and fairness. assessment. After five days of rigorous and serious review, we confirmed that our company's quality system is operating normally, and all aspects of control have not found serious defects, and we have provided valuable opinions and suggestions on the problems existing in the operation of the company system and the need for continuous improvement. .

Certification work site

Since the operation of Express Passenger Elevator, the products promoted by the market have been favored by the market. The national classic model project is innumerable, and the product quality is far higher than the national standard in various indicators. On the basis of the national standard line, Quick Express has formulated an “internal control line” (also known as an early warning line), and the internal control line is stricter than the national standard line, which further proves the internal product quality risk management and control capability. During the review process, the expert group highly praised the overall advanced technology research and development capabilities of the company, the near-demanding quality control, and the extremely standardized on-site management. The expert group unanimously agreed that the Express Passenger Elevator fully complies with the requirements of the Lloyd's Quality System Certification and successfully passed the audit and obtained the certification.

Express passenger elevator related leadership and audit experts

The acquisition of the Lloyd's Quality System certification in this time further demonstrates the ability of the Express Elevator to provide superior products, and all of its products are more reliable. Forward-looking certification initiatives have made Quicker a commanding height in the industry's quality management. In the future, Quick Express still insists on providing the industry's advanced intelligent elevator system solutions with integrity and quality, shaping the world's elevator industry's excellent brand, and ranking among the world's high-end elevator companies!

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