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Explain The Structure Of The Escalator

Oct 11, 2017

Escalator believe that everyone in the mall, the supermarket can see its shadow. Escalator, also known as electric escalator, or automatic pedestrian elevators, escalator, escalator, is a way to transport the transport line to send pedestrians transport tools. Now on the safe use of escalator has become everyone must understand the common sense of life, for the point of the computer before you, in addition to understand the safe use of escalator outside the elevator, it seems that you should learn more about the structure of the elevator elevator knowledge, Next, Xiaobian give you explain the structure of the escalator.

1, truss: the role of trusses is used to support the overall weight and the weight of passengers, is the overall framework of the escalator.

2, the host (working brake and accessories brake): the role of the host is used to drive the overall work, driven by the various parts of the escalator to normal operation.

3, ladder rail system: mainly used to control the cascade and cascade chain trajectory, control the elevator running speed and height.

4, railings (apron plate and apron plate anti-folder device, inside and outside the cover, wall panels): railings is the main role is to ensure that passengers in the ride when the security issues.

5, handrail device: so that passengers can ride when there is a handrail, rely on, especially for children and the elderly set the device.

6, cascade chain: the role of the cascade chain is to connect each rung, so that each run can be in accordance with its track normal operation.

7, rungery: the stairs is the people under the foot of the staircase board.

8, comb and support plate (front board): set at the entrance of the escalator, the purpose is to allow passengers to safely escalator.

9, maintenance cover and floor board (bed cover): is set at the exit of the escalator.