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Escalator Step Removal Step

Sep 25, 2017

When the escalator is running for a long time there will be individual steps will shift the collision sound we need to do the escalator steps to adjust the operation. The steps are important in the escalator which is the main component and is also the safety of carrying the pedestrian's direct access to the steps of the parts. When the rungs are deformed and damaged after the timely replacement of the following urine with you to explain how the more recent steps.

1: open the lower part of the escalator cover, the cascade protection board (dust board) out; remove the lower comb plate;

2: the use of turning or with the inspection box will be damaged run the runway to the lower part of the steering wall on the loading and unloading port (cascade loading and unloading is generally carried out in the tension device);

3: release the rung screw (hexagonal screw ยข 5 inside the hexagonal wrench), in the loading and unloading port will damage the stairs slowly removed;

4: new rungs are removed by way of removal;

Push the two seats of the rung to the runner boss, tighten the screws;

The new installation steps must be aligned with the previous rungs;

When the rungs are installed, check the upper and lower runs and check the rungings in the ladder. Check that there should be a constant clearance between the step pedal teeth and the adjacent step pedal teeth.

Run the bench after the replacement of the test run for 10 minutes up and down running when there is no fault friction and other noise before the passengers can ride.