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Escalator History

Mar 10, 2017

Two Americans studied escalator at the end of nineteenth Century. In 1897, Jess Reno (Jesse W. Reno) in the United States New York's Coney Island amusement park has built a ramp used to walk, similar mobile game escalators. Charles Simberg (Charles Seeberger) in 1898 to purchase patents to the next item on the escalator, and cooperate with the Otis Elevator Co, 1899 produced the first level of the cascade in the state of New York, the escalator handrail and comb plate. 1900 at the Paris Expo, successfully displayed their "Seeburg escalator" (Escalator) in the name of the product, and won a first prize. 1910 acquired the patent case xiibaidian Otis, the repurchase of Reynolds company. In 1920, the combination of Otis design, become the basic design of escalators today.

The first access to the escalator is in 1935. At that time the company new big department stores in Shanghai has installed two single Otis escalators, connected to the ground two floor and the two floor to the third floor.