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Elevators Should Be Checked At Least Once Every 15 Days

Mar 26, 2018

In the past few days, there have been many incidents of “elevator cannibalization” in many places across the country, causing public concern for the safety of elevators. According to statistics from the industry, according to statistics, the majority of lift accidents and hidden safety problems are caused by failure of elevators to maintain their daily maintenance. According to relevant laws and regulations, elevators should be checked at least once every 15 days. Can shopping malls and communities do this? Does the public understand the relevant regulations? In response, the reporter recently conducted a survey.


On the afternoon of August 3, the reporter saw in the Bailian Group of Sanmenxia that many people who took the elevator noticeably increased their vigilance and were cautious when going up and down the elevator. “I don't know that elevators should be maintained once every 15 days.” At the same time, the 42-year-old citizen Ms. Wang also suggested that elevator safety is a major issue. Shopping malls and residential properties should have a strong sense of responsibility and always check elevators to ensure normal operation. According to a related person in charge of the Sanmenxia Bailian Group, the equipment department of the Group inspects elevators, including all escalators and lifts, every day after the end of business operations. Every two weeks, professional maintenance personnel of the elevator company also conduct inspections. Maintenance, testing more than 30 items. The person in charge also presented relevant records to the reporter.


“Our elevator maintenance and inspections are conducted in 15 days, and the elevator maintenance department is responsible for them.” The staff of Dazhang Department Store responsible for security told the reporter that the company has professional elevator maintenance personnel who can meet themselves if they encounter general faults. Repair, if you encounter a big problem, will find an elevator repair company to deal with.


During the interview, the reporter learned that some shopping malls and supermarkets in the city can basically maintain the elevator according to the requirements, but many of the district's maintenance work has not been recognized by the residents of the district.


“I heard that the people in our community had just been trapped by elevators.” On August 3, Ms. Zhang, who lives in the central garden of Sanmenxia Lakeside, told reporters that the elevator of the residential building where her house was located had suddenly stopped operation the previous day, and she later learned that it was There was an elevator accident, so it was out of service. Ms. Zhang’s father also said that once he was suddenly lifted out of the elevator, he took a closer look. The original elevator was still a little distance from the ground. “At that time, there was no accident.


“Ride in the elevator suddenly experienced shaking” “had been briefly trapped in the elevator” “The elevator door sometimes closed tightly” ... During the interview, residents of multiple communities reported to the reporter that they had experienced dangerous elevator accidents. When asked whether the residential property often maintains elevators, most residents said that they did not see them at ordinary times, and some residents said angrily that “the property would only be repaired if there was a problem with the elevator in order to save money”.

San Xiaoxia, deputy general manager of Hongda Elevator Co., Ltd., focused on safety production, believes that elevator maintenance work is very important, as long as the property department can strictly follow the requirements of maintaining at least 15 days, do a good job of elevator daily maintenance work, security risks It will be eliminated in time. However, some shopping malls and districts do not attach importance to the use of elevators and their daily maintenance. Often, problems arise when the elevators are out of service. Other communities are required to entrust elevators to unqualified maintenance organizations in order to save costs. Finding a maintenance worker in the market is responsible for the maintenance quality of elevators, which has led to hidden safety hazards.


“Elevator maintenance work has clear provisions and requirements.” Staff of the Special Equipment Safety Supervision Branch of the Quality Supervision Bureau of the Municipality stated that the requirements for the "Elevator Safety Supervision and Management Measures of Henan Province" implemented on March 1, 2014 in our city are currently in force. The maintenance organization should perform maintenance at least 15 days. Each time the maintenance, elevator use units and elevator maintenance units must fill out and maintain maintenance records. In addition, if a passenger is found stranded in the elevator car or receives relevant notices, the elevator maintenance unit shall rush to the scene within a specified time to take emergency rescue measures. The prescribed time shall be no more than 30 minutes in the urban area. Other areas generally do not exceed 1 hour. If passengers are stranded in the elevator car and no rescue is organized in time, resulting in passengers being stranded in the elevator car for more than one hour, a penalty of more than 1,000 yuan and less than 5,000 yuan may be imposed on the elevator use unit.