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Elevator VS Life: A Man Should Maintain His Life Like A Safeguard Elevator!

Nov 30, 2018

There are no elevators that can only be kept up, and there are no people who are always in the high position. Therefore, even if your position is higher, you should keep a low profile and humility, and don't always think that you are great. Life is inevitable, and when you experience a climax, you are not arrogant; when you fall into a trough, you are not self-sufficient. Being able to go up and down, the mind is stable, and life can be more open.

No matter how good the maintenance is, the elevator will inevitably fail. The most important thing is that when the elevator is trapped, can you calmly ask for help and wait calmly for rescue. It is impossible for people to have a smooth life all the time. The key is that when you are in trouble, can you not be surprised.

The elevator cares forever the weight. Once it is overweight, it would rather choose to stop the fire; life cares forever quality, and quality without life is worthless.

The aircraft has first class, economy class, the train has soft sleeper, hard sleeper and hard seat, artificially drawn the grade; while the elevator is the same, there is no first class, no sleeper, no soft seat, everyone needs to stand in the elevator, Absolutely fair.

There are a lot of people who are narrow-minded. They are better than their own. They look down on people who are worse than themselves. The elevator has a broad mind, whether you are rich or poor, whether you are a senior official or an ordinary civilian. I will accept you very happily.

Be a good person, so that others will like you to report it; the elevator must be thick so that people feel safe.

It is inevitable that a person will tell lies, and it is difficult to distinguish between true and false; the elevator never tells lies, beyond the weight of the load, it will immediately "point out" and let you rectify.

Human belief: there is no mountain that can't climb up; elevator motto: there are no tall buildings that can't go up.

Some people will always try to pull the relationship, find convenience, open the back door; the elevator will never give you such an opportunity, no matter how big your official, no matter how much money you have, the elevator will be just as impartial as the office, the person on the will You, the next person will let you down.

If people can maintain their lives like a maintenance elevator, then the world will become more civilized and better.

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