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Elevator Shaft

Dec 13, 2017

Structure editor

Install elevator shaft.

Elevator shaft, involving the technical field of building construction. The utility model is composed of an outer mold, an inner mold and a wall bolt, wherein the inner mold is composed of an inner mold plate, a rotation angle mold set, a horizontal telescopic jack set, a chassis, a chassis leg and an inner mold bottom vertical regulator group; And the inner template are used to form a hook hook more stereotypes combination of steel formwork assembled by bolt through the wall forming. The utility model adopts the steel instead of wood to cancel the horizontal support, the horizontal bracing and the bracing adopted in the prior art outer formwork, and the entire well pattern can be reused, thereby creating conditions for construction mechanization of the elevator shaft formwork.

Development editor

At present, the smallest elevator hoistway is wide 1250MM, deep 1450MM; the hoistway is mainly used in the elevator house.

The smallest sightseeing elevator shaft is 1600MM * 1600MM, the sightseeing elevator form fan-shaped sightseeing, used in shopping malls, villas, outside may be a bit small.

Both types of hoistways can carry a load of 320KG, which is also the smallest hoistway at home and abroad at present, and meets the minimum national 320KG requirements for manned elevators.

Both types of elevators are engine room-less designs with wide applicability and simple civil engineering requirements. The product is VVVF controlled and functions like all VVVF elevators, providing the most suitable elevator for individual buildings.