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Elevator Safety Liability Insurance Launched In Zhejiang

Dec 29, 2016

Today, called "Elevator Safety liability" insurance in Zhejiang launch--as long as the insured, may be easier to obtain compensation when the accident occurred, produces the highest medical costs will get 200,000 compensation, accident compensation limit is 1 million yuan per elevator per accident and the limit of indemnity in aggregate up to 5 million Yuan.

And the minimal probability of casualties compared to lift tiring is a higher incidence of failure. If this kind of insurance is insurance that, in future, trapped elevator may receive compensation of 200~400 Yuan.

Say you probably don't believe, Zhejiang elevator 266 million passengers a day.

In yesterday of "Zhejiang Province elevator responsibility insurance model project advance will" Shang, province quality prison Council special equipment security monitored at Deputy Director Liu Lexiong said, a items authority sector organization of sample displayed, I province annual (2014) elevator ride passengers reached 97 billion, equivalent to daily 266 million passengers, this data than earlier national public electric/car of using passengers also high, average each Taiwan elevator of using frequency is EU national of 5 times times. Zhejiang top lift all elevator passengers transported 20,000 passengers per day.

Even more embarrassing is if the elevator accident injury, who should be in charge, has been a matter of turns moot.

The "Elevator Safety liability insurance" should be shipped out. In case of accident claims in consultation met with prevarication or can be reduced, at yesterday's meeting, the project group was established provincial quality and technical supervision Bureau, the provincial Finance Office, insurance regulatory Bureau, Zhejiang related department head meeting.

Reporters learned that elevator liability insurance policyholders can "benefit insurance brokers limited" insurance (door-to-door, network check, phone), the "benefits" in perfect, under input registration information after China life insurance, after insurance companies to calculate premiums, insured payment process ends.