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Elevator Safety

Dec 29, 2016

One, not grilled door step by step

If you can always just use the buttons to call, in any situation is not grilled, then you take the elevator safety will be greatly increased. Because accident analysis suggests that, lift more than 70% accidents have occurred on the doors of the elevator, and most relevant to the grilled door. How to achieve this? Knows elevator structure knows, opens the doors of the elevator from the outside, is tantamount to your feet, suddenly appeared a pitfall; uncover ladder from the inside door has been cut, squeeze, Fender-Bender and risk. Therefore, take the elevator to see when entering, the ladder has stopped, opened the door to go outside again.

In addition, when you use a button and call the elevator, or took a ladder to reach the target, after see also step into, step out. While in this State, lift protection device is set to a valid, but there is precedent for elevator malfunction appeared hurt. Therefore, it is best not to Kan Kan temporary docking area, and the doors of the elevator stuck, at least you get the focus away from the middle.

Second, stranded, the car does not freeze

Lift may also happened to get trapped in it, as well as traffic was normal, so there is no need to panic, not to scratch, kick, chaos as a result churning. You know, stuck in the car, and there was no danger, but the mess is the culprit of the accident. This is also a type of elevator accidents. Because suddenly stopping ladder for many reasons, possibly due to a power failure, or it may be caused by other reasons, without knowing why, all acts of reckless fleeing are risky for blindly.

At this point, the most appropriate choice is to listen to the driver's call. If you take the elevator is run automatically with no driver, you press the key on the control panel to find the alarm (or the use of car phones) to the outside for help, because only the safety of remedy is the most reliable.

Third, the exception is not afraid

If you are unlucky, you're in the elevator inside the car out of control, then you should just stay in "waves", and does not have any harm, shock oscillation under the deal through a few. Because after the runaway elevator has several reliable comprehensive protection device to protect your security, "landing". In this case, an excessive panic of fear you, and eager to escape. You know, then flee the stranded victims of the car.