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Elevator Room Specification

Feb 14, 2017

1、The elevator machine room environment should be clean, machineroom doors and windows should

 be windproof and rainproof and marked with "Machine Room, trespassers stop", the channel

 leading to the machineroom should be smooth, safe and other equipment irrelevant to the

 lift should not be in the machineroom.

2、The power supply board and the power switch of the computer room shall meet the requirements 

of the specification, the installation position is reasonable, firm, and the marking is perfect 

The laying of the wire slot in the engine room should be reasonable and standard;

3、The power line and control line isolate to lay. the corner need add pad;

4、Room ventilation is good, room temperature should be maintained at 5 to 40 degrees, the 

computer room should be equipped with a fixed electrical lighting, the lighting on the floor 

surface is not less than 200LX;

5、The room should have emergency rescue device and Instructions;

6、 The hole between Elevator hoistway and machine room, tractive machine rope flat layer mark,

 elevator running direction mark should meet the regulation demands.

7、The computer room control cabinet is installed correctly, the control cabinet is installed

 correctly, the control cabinet is reasonable and beautiful;

8、Necessary fire fighting equipment shall be installed in the engine room.