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Elevator Person: Common Headache Type

Jun 05, 2018

Has been engaged in elevator installation, maintenance and maintenance for a long time. How many of these occupational diseases do you have?

     1, take the elevator is always subconsciously look at the brand; take a straight ladder always rely on there, to see people's track straight not straight; see people can not help but repair the elevator to see two more. (This is also the occupational habits)


     2, may be afraid of death, forget it, when you enter the car to take a foot to feel good leveling. (Thought about building people's feelings?)

     3, occupational diseases that engage in elevators should be stomach problems. (a noseful tear)


     4, there is neurasthenia, leaving the repair site still think of the short-circuit door lock was not removed. (When you go out, you think the window is not closed, the key is forgotten)

     5, business trips always turn to see if the information is taken, see the server (TT) with no, four-hour package to open several times. Always throwing tools at the construction site. (ibid, call me and tell someone that my phone is gone)

     6, have stomach problems; sleep is not good; like to take out a tape measure table; into the car to see the ladder, what unit maintenance and annual review date; most afraid of answering the phone at night; arguing which kind of elevator is good. (Dry and love one line)

     7, go home from work often take the stairs ... because -------------- tired of going to work. (The restaurant's chef is estimated to not eat again)


     8, to change the line, and then glance, pull the switch down? (Summary for fear of death)


     9, I think the most fear is the pit, which is not really smell inside. (Rat's paradise)

     10. I repaired a hydraulic ladder. At the time, there was no light in the pit. I jumped without hesitation... The end of the oil came to my chest... Oh my God! It was only after an inquiry that they would refuel if the ladder did not leave. (No problem, the car will not go without refueling)

     11, the phone 24 hours boot, sometimes the phone does not ring all touch the phone! Someone touches the phone while they are on the phone! (Who let us serve the industry?)

     12, the triangle key can not leave the body ... (meal tools can not be lost)

     13. If the two finish the ladder together, the two will have to go downstairs. Afraid of two people trapped at the same time!

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