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Elevator Manufacturer Commissioner Overnight Maintenance Elevator

Jan 30, 2019

This newspaper continuously reports on the problem of elevators in the Shangshangcheng district of Yinzhou District. "After changing the new property, more than a dozen elevators are accidents or man-made disasters? ")), the special equipment safety supervision of Ningbo City and Yinzhou District in the past few days, Pan Fire Street and other relevant departments also attached great importance to it, immediately intervened in mediation to deal with this matter. Yesterday, the factory commissioner had arrived at the community to start repairs. The reporter made further follow-up interviews with the relevant parties of the elevator factory, maintenance unit, original property company and police.

There are still 7 elevators that have not resumed operation yesterday.

Yesterday, the reporter learned from the director of the Community Industry Committee that by April 7th, there were 20 elevators in the community before and after the failure of the elevator, which could not be used normally. After the new maintenance unit Ningbo Renjie Elevator Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Ren Jie company) repair, now there are 7 elevators left because the parameters have been modified and can not resume normal operation.

The director of the industry committee, Qian Jianbo, said that on April 8th, he contacted Renjie Company again to investigate the faulty elevator. One of the faulty elevators found that the parameters were not changed after cracking the password, because other faults were stopped. The maintenance staff will then repair the elevator and the remaining six will still not be restored. On April 9th, after a new elevator was repaired, there was another elevator in a small high-rise in the community. "One reduction and one increase, the elevator that is now faulty is still seven."

"I don't know when I can fix it. How to fix an elevator is so difficult!" said a landlord on the Shangcheng. Qian Jianbo said that from April 1 to the present, ten days have passed, and the problem of residential elevators has not been solved. The time is good and bad, and the owners are already embarrassed.

"It is very inconvenient for everyone to travel. I really hope that I can fix it as soon as possible."

Last night, the factory commissioner went to the community for maintenance.

Because the parameters of some elevators have been modified, the new maintenance unit can't do anything, and can only seek the elevator manufacturer to solve it.

The reporter also learned about the situation from Tianjin Otis Elevator Co., Ltd. yesterday. A staff member who asked not to be named told the reporter: On April 9, their staff in Ningbo Branch had entered the community to investigate the elevator failure and The data of one of the faulty elevators is exported to the headquarters at the first time. “The headquarters will analyze this data and issue a maintenance plan.”

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter learned that Tianjin Otis Elevator Co., Ltd. headquarters has also sent a commissioner, and on the way to Ningbo, will arrive in Ningbo at night. “When the commissioner arrives, there is no delay for one minute, and I will go to the community immediately.” The staff member said that although the maintenance plan has been set before, due to public safety, it is necessary to verify the prudent operation on site. I have been communicating with me and I have prepared the equipment and materials I need to prepare."

The police have stepped in and will file a case if it is maliciously destroyed.

In the interview, the reporter from the original property company Yinyi Property of Shanghai Shangcheng told reporters that the elevator problem was not caused by them.

On March 31, it was the day when Shanghangcheng original property management Fangyinyi Property Management Company withdrew from the community. Only one day later, on April 1st, 11 elevators in the community were out of operation. In this regard, Wu Haibo, former project manager of Yinyi Property Shangshang Community, said that after the incident, Yinyi Property suddenly became the target of public criticism, but he felt both embarrassed and helpless. "In view of the increase in costs and losses in successive years, we took the initiative at the end of last year. Proposed to withdraw from the community management."

Wu Haibo said that he was unaware of the failure of the elevator in the community. However, as a property, he said that it is impossible to do anything in it. "We have no motives, no reason, and no ability to do this."

The reporter interviewed the original maintenance unit Shanghai Zhongxun Elevator Nanshi Sales and Installation Engineering Co., Ltd., a person in charge of the surname Huang denied that the elevator failure was caused by them. The maintenance unit has completed the handover formalities and officially withdrew from the community. The front elevator is good." As for why there is a malfunction, the person in charge of Huang said that he did not know.

In this regard, yesterday, the reporter learned from the Panfire police station that the police have been involved in the matter. If it is verified that someone has maliciously damaged the elevator in the community, it will start the filing procedure and seriously deal with the relevant personnel.

Behind the repair

Street, quality inspection intervention

Coordinating overnight to facilitate the implementation of maintenance

From April 1st, to the reporter's attention, the elevator still could not be repaired in time. Panhu Street, Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision Special Equipment Safety Supervision Department, Yinzhou District Market Supervision Administration Special Equipment Safety Supervision Department and other departments have successively intervened. This matter.

Li Jiandeng, deputy section chief of the Panhu Street Social Management Comprehensive Management Division, told reporters that since the failure of the elevator in the community, the street has never stopped paying attention to this matter. On April 6th, the street joint safety supervision and quality inspection went to the community to communicate with the owner's representative and the property. At that time, the representatives of the elevator factory were also there. I thought that the next day, I could arrange for personnel to enter the site for maintenance. Later, the factory said that it was necessary to sign a similar disclaimer agreement with the industry committee before the maintenance. At that time, it was rejected by the industry committee.

"On Friday, on the evening of the 7th, we worked as a committee and property for the night. On the morning of the 8th, the factory promised to repair it first." Li Jiandeng said that the director of the street also attaches great importance to it and also contacts the parties concerned. It is proposed to solve the problem of owner travel first, and the investigation of causes and responsibilities is also carried out simultaneously: "Because so many days have passed, many of them are high-rise buildings, and the upper floors are 18 stories high. The elevators cannot be used, which is bound to bring great benefits to the owners. Trouble, the people's livelihood issue must be put in the first place." Li Jiandeng said that the street leaders also suggested that if there are problems and difficulties in maintenance funds because of some contradictions involved, the street can be given advance payment.

Zhao Yingsen, head of the Special Equipment Safety Supervision Department of the Yinzhou District Market Supervision Administration, told the reporter that the elevators in the community had failed. Because each brand of elevators had its own differences, the maintenance unit could not be repaired at one time. The quality supervision department has been actively contacting the factory to repair it.

After the quality supervision department understands, Shanghangcheng Community Elevator Factory was originally Dalian Xingma Elevator Co., Ltd. This year, this company was merged by Tianjin Otis Elevator Co., Ltd., this time is the transition period of personnel integration, plus The home business is in the field, and it is really difficult to contact the maintenance.

"We also spent a lot of effort to contact the factory. I also made a lot of calls to the relevant person in charge of the factory every day, that is, let them come over and repair as soon as possible. After these days of coordination, the factory promised to arrange debugging. The staff came to the community for repairs.

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