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Elevator Maintenance Quality Inspection 7 Companies On The Black List

Dec 17, 2018

In order to further strengthen the management of elevator maintenance units, improve the quality of maintenance, reduce elevator failures, and prevent elevator accidents, the Municipal Market Supervision Commission entrusted the Municipal Special Equipment Safety and Energy Conservation Association to organize experts through the government bidding method, and to some elevator maintenance units in this Municipality. The maintenance work was carried out on-site.

The scope of this spot check covered all administrative areas of the city. A total of 650 elevators were inspected, involving 238 elevator maintenance units. The public gathering places, residential quarters and management units that have been in use for more than 5 years have not been actively implemented. Elevators that have experienced multiple failures, negative reports by the media, and reports of complaints. The spot check adopts the method of “four no two straight, on-site surprise inspection”, and takes the safety of the elevator equipment as the center, and carries out comprehensive evaluation from the aspects of elevator equipment operation status, maintenance technology level, elevator failure emergency rescue, etc., and each spot is checked. The quality of the maintenance of the elevator determines the quality level.

The three maintenance units that have a comprehensive quality level of 5 for the single elevator maintenance found in the spot check, and the four maintenance units with a comprehensive quality level of 4 for the single elevator and a comprehensive score of less than 80% are given. In the notification of criticism, 12 points were recorded at one time in accordance with relevant regulations. The three elevator maintenance units that were notified and issued by the city will be included in the annual post-certification supervision and inspection of the enterprise name database from 2019, and strengthen the supervision and spot checks. Since the beginning of 2019, the annual proportion of the above-mentioned seven maintenance units has been increased.

The Municipal Market Supervision Commission requires that all elevator maintenance units that have been inspected should conduct a comprehensive investigation of all elevators maintained by the unit in a timely manner, eliminate hidden dangers in time, comprehensively standardize maintenance activities, and improve the quality of elevator maintenance. The market supervision departments at all levels shall further strengthen the daily supervision and inspection of the elevator maintenance units within their jurisdiction, in particular, strengthen the inspection of the maintenance units of the notified units, and strictly investigate the violations found in the on-site inspections. All inspection agencies shall specifically incorporate the relevant problems found in this spot check into the verification and verification contents of the elevator inspection, and strictly control the quality of inspection.

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