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Elevator Knowledge Enters The Campus

Apr 15, 2019

On March 22, under the guidance of the Nanxun District Market Supervision Bureau, Volks Elevator (China) Co., Ltd. entered the Tunxi Middle School and held an elevator safety knowledge into the campus publicity activities, advocating the safety and civilization of the students to ride and improve. Elevator safety awareness, enhance the ability to prevent accidents.

During the afternoon extracurricular activities and sports activities, the staff of the Volkswagen elevator placed the publicity panels with the common safety ladder knowledge on the main road of the campus. The students who passed by were all surrounded by the staff. With the contents of different exhibition boards, patiently tell the students about the use of elevators/elevators in the daily life that need attention, and cooperate with the District Market Supervision Bureau to distribute the brochures of the Special Equipment Safety Law.

“Medium-student students generally have a certain knowledge of safe riding, and at the same time, they will travel more independently from their parents in daily life. Therefore, we will focus on some safety knowledge that seems to be normal but easily overlooked during the presentation.” Walks Elevator The person in charge of the activity said that the company has held many safe rides into the campus and into the community activities. For different groups of people, there will be different emphasis when arranging the activities, so that the activities can receive better results. It will really enable more people to raise their awareness of safety and civilization, and contribute to the creation of a safe society.

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