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Elevator Installation Should Not Be Delayed As Soon As Possible

Apr 17, 2018

Recently he has contacted many old buildings and hesitated customers. The question of hesitation is often not whether to install the problem, but to wait and see if the market cost can be lower. Is it a market subsidy? Can better save costs. Here we can tell you that the relevant guidance policies will definitely introduce government subsidies, but the result after the introduction is not necessarily the result you want. Although no detailed guidance process has been issued at present, it can be completed according to the planning and approval procedures submitted by the Planning Bureau in conjunction with the relevant laws and regulations. The people who are not waiting for the years are all growing old every day. The installation of elevators is a quality of consumption and does not have to be consumed. Every day will be the past that will never go back.

As we all know, North, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and other cities have all issued market government subsidies. The subsidy amount is between tens of thousands and tens of thousands. However, what everyone sees is only the amount of subsidy and does not see these regions accepting it. After the subsidy, the total amount of retrofitted construction costs has reached a total of 450,000 starts, mostly between 500,000 and 700,000. The general installation of elevators is mostly 5-storey to 7-storey buildings. There is no budget before the introduction of the policy. ? Guangxi is generally between 300,000 and 450,000. Why did the policy come up and the overall price increased? The portion of the subsidy is far from enough to make up for the increased price (the amount of subsidy is not what you want to get). The requirements for the introduction of policies have also been raised, and the indirect costs of the supervised departments have been correspondingly higher. Maybe you would say that the supervision is severe and the project quality and standards are relatively better, but the construction is the same as the construction. The construction unit that has strict requirements for itself will not change the quality requirements because of the supervision. Just like buying a house, you can never find the best time, as long as you need to live, what time is the best time to buy a house, and more will only make you pay more.

 Case voice

 Elevator costs increase year by year

 Four times in late construction

In recent years, the human cost has been increasing, which has led to an increase in the cost of elevator installations. Due to the slow progress of retrofitting projects, many old buildings encountered “price increases” during the installation of elevators.

Xiao Bian learned that an old building on Huifu West Road in Yuexiu District was not set aside because the owner of the “adjacent building” did not agree and the installation of the elevator was temporarily suspended. It was not until 4 years later that the owner of the “adjoining building” agreed, but the cost of installing an elevator doubled. The sudden increase in the cost has caused many residents to feel a headache.

 According to the owner of the building, the price of concrete elevators in 2013 was about RMB 400,000. Due to delays in the implementation of the retrofit, by 2014, the elevator installation cost rose to 500,000 yuan. After 3 years, the elevator changed from a concrete structure to a glass steel structure, and the installation cost rose to 800,000 yuan. During the negotiation and waiting period, the cost of elevators doubled. The cost of 800,000 yuan is also a burden for the owners.

 Guangzhou Liwan

 Old building installed elevator

 Can receive subsidies of 100,000 yuan

    In August 2017, a new policy was introduced in Liwan District. The addition of elevators to old buildings will receive a policy subsidy of RMB 100,000. With favorable policies, the enthusiasm for installing elevators has greatly improved among neighbors.

    It is understood that the introduction of the New Deal has not only increased the enthusiasm of residents to install elevators, but also increased the investment in the installation of elevators in government departments.

    Since the installation of elevators in old buildings is an internal problem for residents, in the past, government departments could only provide guidance on the coordination of neighborhood relations and project guidance. After the introduction of the policy, the role of government departments changed from original guidance assistance to active intervention. “The streets are now involved in the installation of elevators in the old buildings of the residents. This not only increases manpower investment, but also grants subsidies for funding. We also have “backers” in our work.” But overall prices have increased a lot.

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