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Elevator Installation Method

Dec 29, 2016

1. Will be fixed on the wall and the floor in front of the leveling of support beam, beam placed on the supporting beam under then, adjust the level of deviation does not exceed 2/1000 and rail at both ends face consistent with the safety distance between the clamp and secure. Run 1M/s in elevator should be put on progressive safety gear, safety clamp wedges and gaps between the side of the track alignment. Wedges from the rail side of the gap is 2. 3~2. 5mm,

2. Straight beam and lower beam, and hammer as the baseline, adjust the verticality of straight beams and cross beams, beams throughout the verticality deviation of height not greater than 1. 5mm, and may not have distortions.

3. Leung hung with straight beam connections with level adjustment level. Leung of standard deviation shall not be more than 2/1000. Beam horizontal adjustment finished, should again review the beam verticality.

4. Install upper and lower guide of the car boot and plug to fill in the holes of the guide rail and guide roller, the car fixed. Install car safety gear and guide the car fixed

5. Fixed the car on the chassis in the lower beam and four wood mat set and correction, its flat level deviation should not exceed 2/1000.

The freight elevator, fixed its base of first car bottom flat on the lower beam, adjust its GE made it even, and then put car on lift rod, adjust the tie rod nut, bring the bottom level degree deviation is less than 2/1000. After you meet the requirements and tighten nut. Under car bottom beams clearances, apply the appropriate plug the pad solid, then tighten the nut.

Using movable type car bottom structure, should be first car bottom bracket, GE distributed evenly, put damping rubber pad, and vibration reduction in car bottom lies flat against the bracket on the rubber pad, adjusting cabin trolley, makes its base of standard deviation of not more than 2/1000. Plus depending on the situation in the four vibration rubber pad and the bottom thereof and other gap pad between the proper gasket, using bolts. In addition, should also be installed on car bottom bracket car bottom sunk to the bottom of the head screw.