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Elevator Installation And Maintenance Workers Can Receive Government Allowance

Dec 07, 2018

This year, which vocational and technical talents in Yiwu are the most demanding and most popular? In the past two days, a new list of the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau gave the answer.

32 occupations (work types) talent shortage

According to the development trend of key industries and advantageous industries, Yiwu Human Resources and Social Security Bureau surveyed the supply and demand status of skilled talents, predicted the demand for skilled talents in 2016, and determined 32 occupations (work types) such as elevator installation and maintenance workers for the shortage of occupations in 2016 (types of work) . Among them, 9 occupations (work types) such as elevator installation and maintenance workers are newly added occupations (work types), reflecting new trends in new economic and social development under the new situation.


Meet the conditions to enjoy the "government allowance"


After the publication of the first shortage of occupations (types of work), the city also introduced corresponding incentives and other supporting programs.


According to the relevant regulations: in the first-line positions of the shortage of occupations (types of work), and the highly skilled personnel who implement the skill level salary system in their enterprises, each person can receive the “government allowance” per month as: senior technician 500 yuan, technician 300 yuan; The units that carry out high-skilled personnel training in the city's enterprise employees and social personnel are awarded the rewards of senior technicians 1,000 yuan, technicians 600 yuan, and senior workers 300 yuan according to the number of senior vocational qualification certificates; the city's high-skilled personnel public training base If you undertake a school-enterprise cooperation training program or a shortage of vocational (work type) high-skilled personnel training, the number of the above-mentioned standards will be doubled according to the number of people who have obtained the senior vocational qualification certificate.


These policies have been implemented in recent years. In the past two years, in March of each year, the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau began to issue “government allowances” to qualified high-skilled personnel to issue qualified high-skilled personnel training units. Cultivate contribution rewards. In the past year, for example, the city issued a total of 295 (high-skilled) high-skilled talents with a government subsidy of 905,700 yuan in 2014, and distributed high-skilled talents to eight public training bases, training institutions, and enterprises. The contribution contribution was raised to 224,900 yuan.


Some insiders believe that for most skilled technical talents, they are more eager to receive social recognition and respect than the high salary, and the release of the occupational catalogue can, to a certain extent, allow This group is more valued by all sectors of society. It is reported that in the future, the city will normalize the work of the shortage of occupations (types of work), and it will be implemented one year.


It should be pointed out that in recent years, the city has spared no effort in the training of skilled personnel. Policies are required, subsidies are subsidized, and in addition to the shortage of occupations (work types), a series of good news is also reported. Carry out independent evaluation of enterprise skill talents, and gradually decentralize the evaluation of skilled talents to the industry and its enterprises.


Here, the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau recommends that all functional departments and training institutions should carry out various skills training according to the needs of enterprises, such as school-enterprise cooperation, entrusted training, business training, etc., to improve the enthusiasm and initiative of employees to solve technical problems. Comprehensively promote the construction of skilled talents.

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