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Elevator Function Explanation

Dec 29, 2016

1. Complete control function 1) Description: according to the layers in the car instruction and storey calls outside the Office instruction, focusing on analysis, automatic and consequent response instructions in turn the height control function. It can automatically register the car instructions and Office floor outside call instruction, self-closing start running to answer one by one; when no summoning commands,

Elevator automatically returns the base station close standby standby automatic shut down or when a floor when the call signal, and then automatically start answering. Complete standard control functions of the selected function is generally used as an elevator, free driver's operation. To adapt the control features of elevators on each floor stops time to control car door close door with safety edge or other protection devices, car equipped with overload protection devices. 2) ladder species: ladder standard features.

2. Overload protection function 1) Description: when the elevator car loads exceeding the rated capacity of the 110%, the elevator closed starting is not allowed, keeping open the door in the floor leveling location, unable to start running. In this State to reduce the load of the elevator car, which is less than the rated carrying capacity of 110%, you can eliminate the overload protection status, lift back to normal running state. 2) ladder species: ladder standard features.