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Elevator Fault Low Speed Running Self-help Capabilities

Dec 29, 2016

1) Description: elevator malfunction may result in an elevator in a non-leveling zone parking when the fault is removed or when the failure is not a major security failure, lift automatically at low speed (15m/min) automatic rescue operation and parking at the nearest service layer to open the door to prevent the passengers trapped in the car. Elevator speed save runs, car top buzzer alarm will occur. Elevator parking except in the lowest layer of the entrance area, fault low speed running self-help to move outside, usually low down, parking open layer layer to the nearest service location. When the low speed self running back from the service layer layer after the park opened, car top buzzer stop ring, if the fault has been ruled out, Elevator automatically resumes normal operation if the failure has not been ruled out, the elevator remains in the open State, do not allow starting and running, waiting for the elevator maintenance personnel with troubleshooting.

2) ladder species: ladder standard features.