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Elevator Accident Self-help Guide Knowledge Necessary

Feb 12, 2018

【Introduction】: How to rescue self-help trapped elevator? [Recommended] Elevator in distress, should learn a few life-saving trick! 】 ① July 15, Anhui, a man trapped in the faulty elevator in nearly 1 hour; July 15, Liaoning, an office elevator plunged from 27 layers to the first floor, 12 were injured; ③ Hunan Ningxiang recently a small elevator failure, 10 Two adults were trapped in the elevator ... Recently the elevator frequent accidents, in addition to strict accountability, self-help method is also necessary ↓ ↓ related to life [heart], people should know the elevator!

If the elevator suddenly stopped, you can try to continue pressing the door open button, and through the elevator interphone or cell phone call elevator maintenance unit service calls for help. You can also send trapped messages to the outside world by crying out for help.

Do not force the door or try to climb out of the ceiling. Do not force the elevator door to open and close by hand or body. Do not jump in the elevator, do not use rough acts on the elevator, such as using car 

When the elevator falls

Best protection

1. Quickly press the buttons on each level.

2. If there is a handle in the lift, hold the handle firmly in one hand and prevent it from falling over.

3. The entire back and head close to the inner wall of the door, the use of the wall as a spine protection.

4. Knee bent posture, by bending the knee to withstand the heavy blow pressure.

5. Lift the heel, was stomping posture.

When the elevator is falling

Protect your best action

1: No matter how many floors, quickly press the keys on each floor

When the emergency power is turned on, the elevator can stop falling immediately

2: The entire back and head close to the elevator wall, was a straight line

Use elevator walls as a guard against the spine

3: If there are handrails in the elevator, it is best to hold the handle

This is for a fixed position to see, because of the center to prevent the fall

When the elevator is falling

Protect your best action

4: If there is no handrail in the elevator, hold the neck by hand

Avoid neck injuries

5: knee bent posture

Ligaments are the most elastic tissues of the body, so you can borrow knee flexion to withstand heavy blow pressure.

6: tiptoe, heel lift

What should I do if the elevator suddenly stops running?

1: immediately with the elevator bell intercom or telephone contact with the management, waiting for external rescue

2: If the alarm is invalid, you can call for help or pat the elevator door intermittently to maintain physical strength

3: It is best to rely on the wall, and adjust breathing from time to time

Avoid behavior

1: to take aggressive behavior, such as jump jump

2: forced to climb out the door to prevent the elevator suddenly started

3: Supine can cause breathing difficulties

Ride the elevator

1: elevator door open, do not rush into, see if the elevator has come

2: Do not ride "over age" and do not meet the standard elevator

3: Do not jumble in the elevator, do not push each other up and down the elevator

Take the elevator three points need attention

Reminder 1: Elevator door open and cautious

After the elevator door is opened, it must be ensured that the car arrives and is accurately aligned with the elevator. When the elevator door is closed, the passengers outside should not stop the door by hand, foot, etc. People inside the elevator have to reach out and reach for the probe, probe the brain, but can not carry the items on the gap to prevent the elevator from closing.

Reminder 2: Do not press the button Do not rely on the elevator door

Pressing the button repeatedly will cause the elevator to stop and the button will fail. Leaning, hand pushing, impact, crowbar will affect the landing open, but the floor door may lead to accidentally crashed into the hoistway.

Reminder 3: Do not pick the elevator door by hand

During the elevator operation, passengers should not use the hand to pick up the elevator door. Once the door is opened, the elevator will brake urgently and the passengers will be trapped. In the course of the elevator, sometimes coins, peels and other things fall into the gap between the elevator door and the hoistway, and should be immediately informed of elevator professionals to assist in the process.

These conditions should not take the elevator

1: abnormal noise in the elevator

2: elevator car floor and floor uneven

3: Thunderstorm best not to take the elevator.