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Dry Elevator, It Is So Hard!

Aug 13, 2018


Dry elevator, integrity first

Integrity is something more important than life.

In this industry,

Relying on a face, a reputation,

If you have a bad reputation, you can basically say goodbye to this circle.

Just keep a letter, a phone call,

Tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions or even tens of millions of projects

Come to your hand right away.

This is the charm of this industry.

The best circle of integrity in society,

Insist on it, honesty is gold, standing by faith,

This is also the most precious thing that elevator people have always adhered to.


Dry elevator, seeing the sun through the storm

Who is the elevator?

When the manager brings the team and the boss is in high spirits, when the foreman protects the brother,

Pointing at hundreds of thousands of millions of projects,

a day of hard work,

Come out early every day!

Drifting in the north and south of the river, three meals a day are uncertain.

Even a few days a safe meal!

The people of all kinds of entertainment.

Looking for fun in the hardship~


Good elevator sells good price

The offer is high, saying you are black;

The offer is low, saying that you are a liar;

The quotation is just right, and it is said to consider!

Take care of him, he is nonsense with you;

Not paying attention to him, he said that you pretend to force;

Talked, he said to consider


But the days have passed, I have to continue to do...

Cut the price first, cut me.

The cost is very high and the profit is very thin.

This is the status quo of doing elevators.

Dear, don’t be so embarrassed,

Don't think how much we can earn,

Really a very meager profit,

Good elevators have good prices, everyone knows the truth!


Do the elevator, the cushion does not cost

Everyone else is funding, you follow the money, this is called a follow-up!

No one else is funding, you are a fund, this is a silly hat!

If you want to fund, you must polish your eyes!!

The capital is to pick up the project, but the other party will never lead you!

After the elevator acceptance is over, the project is not as good as the other party promised.

Always dragging for a few years~

I can't get the tail of the elevator, and the snow is getting worse...

To return the blood and tears of the elevator, I believe it anyway!

 is the ordinary elevator person,

I don’t want to do anything that’s been deceived.

Working hard with both hands,

By both hands, strength to eat,

Dry elevator is hard air! ! !

I believe that the future will be even better!

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