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Do Not Pay The Elevator Fee, Climb The Building And Send The Express Mail

Jul 30, 2018

Recently, a courier broke the news that the 60-storey office building in Dalian has a lot of courier recipients, but the courier company is currently paying 100 yuan per month to the World Trade Center to use the elevator. Otherwise, only the elevator can be used. Can climb the stairs to enter and send the express mail.

Due to the large number of companies in the World Trade Center, there are many times to send and receive daily. "Because the World Trade Center is a 60-storey, 260-meter super high-rise building, we can't work normally without taking the elevator!" The courier brother said that the building management party is currently charging elevator fees to the courier companies for 100 yuan per month. "If you don't pay, we can only climb the stairs to send the express mail, which is almost exhausting!"

According to the courier, there are already a number of courier companies that have paid the money. Many netizens supported the courier brother: "Since the elevator fee is charged, the courier will be placed downstairs for the owner to pick it up." But the owner of the building said: "The frequency of the courier using the elevator is too high, indeed The elevator space is overwhelmed." Some owners said: "Every courier company charges 100 yuan per month, not much!"

At present, the building management has not yet responded positively to this matter.

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