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Did Not Catch The Elevator To Anger Others, The Guy Retaliated And Lost 1800 Yuan

Jan 08, 2019

    The car in the parking lot was smashed by the car glass. I thought it was a thief. The Nanjing Xuanwu police intervened in the investigation and found that it was a young man who retaliated and ruined, and his motives for making a crime made people stunned.

    At 8:45 on December 23, 2018, Mr. Nanjing Citizen came to the underground parking lot to get ready to drive to work, but found that the left window glass was smashed. After receiving the alarm, the Nanjing Xuanwu Public Security Bureau's Bancang police station immediately dispatched the police. The policeman Gan Jipei conducted a investigation and visit at the incident. It was found that around 10 pm on December 22, Mr. Ji left the car and then got off to the elevator. At the same time, another man also stopped to move to the elevator. However, after Mr. Ji first entered the elevator, the elevator door closed, and the man outside the door was very angry. He turned and took a shovel from his trunk and slammed into Mr. Ji’s vehicle.

    The reporter learned that the police quickly found the nephew Mr. Ning, who admitted that he had stolen the car. He told the police that the two were not far apart, and that after Mr. Ji advanced the elevator, he saw that there were people behind him, but the elevator door was closed. He suspected that the other party deliberately refused to let him go to the elevator, so he yelled at the other party's car.

    The police found that Mr. Ning’s behavior constituted a crime of intentionally damaging public and private property. After the mediation agreement was reached, Mr. Ning compensated the other party for 1,800 yuan.

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