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Come And Come And Experience The Strong Pulse Of The Oriental Pearl TV Tower

Mar 12, 2019

If you compare the elevator to the heart of the building

That's its strong pulse

Will keep the building alive

Oriental Pearl TV Tower was completed in 1994

Currently, it receives about 5 million visitors per year.

In order to bring new breakthroughs to the Oriental Pearl TV Tower

Make the pulse beat more powerful

Otis has carried out a series of upgrades to the elevator

Two single car elevators transformed into advanced double car elevators

The original one double car elevator speed upgrade

Otis also added a diagonal elevator to the interior of this famous landmark building.

This is also the first round-slope ladder of Otis in China.

Expected to be a new tourist punch card hotspot

                Before upgrading

                After upgrading

After upgrading and upgrading

Oriental Pearl TV Tower

The overall capacity of the elevator has been significantly improved

With more powerful pulse beats

Oriental Pearl TV Tower

An architectural masterpiece combining this futuristic style with traditional Chinese culture

Will glow more dazzling

Bring a more unique experience to visitors


You, want to listen to the pulse of ta?

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