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Chengdu City, 96933 Elevator Emergency Rescue Drill

Nov 21, 2018

"Hey, hello! Is it 96733? We are trapped in the elevator. The elevator number is 17..." "Okay, please don't worry, we will arrange rescuers immediately..." 11 On the afternoon of the 13th, organized by the Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision, the 96933 elevator emergency rescue drill was carried out in the Shenton Road Community, No. 83 Zhengfu Street, Qingyang District.

                                                                                                  Rescue scene

In less than ten minutes, five elevator rescue workers wearing work uniforms rushed to the scene. With the cooperation of property management personnel, they went straight to the elevator control room on the top floor of the elevator, while keeping a conversation with the trapped people, comforting the trapped people not to worry. The elevator will temporarily lose power, telling the trapped elevator personnel that they cannot freely open the elevator door. It is normal for the elevator to have a small movement. Don't worry. Under the efforts of the professional rescuers of the 96933 elevator, the elevator smoothly moved to the door of the recently designated floor, and the rescued personnel opened the elevator door, and the three trapped people went out smoothly.

Tang Guoqiang, Director of Special Equipment Safety Supervision of Chengdu Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau, said that Chengdu will build the “Chengdu Elevator Safety Public Service Platform” in 2016, and realize the full coverage of elevator identification (3D anti-counterfeiting laser QR code). More than 126,000 3D anti-counterfeiting laser QR codes were pasted, and the detailed address, basic information, user units, maintenance units, geographic coordinates and other information of each elevator were accurately collected. The 96933 alarm center is equipped with more than 8 people to answer the alarm call, and has the ability to accept alarms such as APP, emergency button, WeChat public number and other means. The 96933 platform is on duty 24 hours a day, ensuring that every call is not missed to ensure the personal safety of the people.

According to Liu Guoquan, head of the special equipment safety supervision department of the Qingyang District Market and Quality Supervision Bureau of Chengdu, if there is no signal in the elevator, there is no need to worry when the phone is not available. In addition to the telephone alarm, the elevator's own calling system can also be automatically transferred to On the 96933 platform, the distress information can also be transmitted in time. In particular, the general public is reminded that when waiting for rescue, passengers should keep calm and stay away from the hall. In other cities in China, the tragedy caused by passengers trapped in the elevator was caused by the door. After the door was opened, the passengers fell from the gap between the elevator car and the wall of the hoistway. The normal rescue method was to turn the elevator to the door and reach the door area. The ground is flush with the ground, and rescuers open the door from the outside and the passengers leave the elevator. At present, the rescue force in Chengdu is divided into three levels. The first-level rescue is carried out by the original maintenance unit of the elevator. The second-level rescue is undertaken by the maintenance unit with strong strength, high quality of maintenance and willingness to undertake social responsibility. The level of rescue was rescued by 119. At present, Chengdu has arranged 147 rescue points in a unified manner, fully considering the distribution of elevators and the rescue route, ensuring that the elevators can be reached in 30 minutes.

It is understood that the emergency rescue center for elevators in Chengdu has started trial operation on November 6, 2018. As of November 12, it has been operating normally for 7 days. A total of 430 calls were received from the police, and 114 people were alarmed. 243 people. Recently, the Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision invited some representatives of the public to inspect the “Emergency Disposal Platform for Elevators in Chengdu”. The delegates gave a high evaluation of the “Platform” and praised the “Platform” as a real livelihood project. It solves the problems that the common people are concerned about and hopes that the Chengdu government will promote similar projects.

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