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Check The Quality Of The Cargo Lift

Jun 06, 2017

The operation of the Cargo Lift level sensor is controlled by the multi-control switch, and the multi-control switch is controlled by the power of the two wires. The wire 1 is energized when the brake JfUPTO is closed at the same time, and the wire 2 is energized when the leg pressure relay is closed.

 When the emergency switch or emergency button is closed, the wire 3 is energized and the elevator switch is closed only when the wires 1 and 2 are energized and the wires 3 are not energized.

1, measure the piping size. The position of the hydraulic pump station, hydraulic valve stand, main engine, auxiliary equipment and related parts of the Cargo Lift in place should be measured carefully and strive to be accurate. For the two joints between the bending parts more complex shape of the tube to do a model, and then cut the tube by size or model.

2, check the quality of the Cargo Lift. To check whether the pipe material, size and quality meet the design requirements; check the appearance of the pipe is a serious flattening or bending; check the tube inside and outside the wall surface corrosion, the outer wall cracks and other defects. Do not use a pipe that is not required or has serious defects.

3, the installation has been pickled after the escalator pipe also use the gas blowing net.

4, the pipe connection shall not be forced against the mouth, the pipe and the connector should be aligned to the inner wall of the tongue, the local wrong mouth shall not exceed 10% of the pipe wall thickness, weld height is not less than the minimum wall thickness of adjacent pipe.

5, the installation of Cargo Lift must be designed according to the design drawings or the actual location of a reasonable arrangement.

6, the installation of the Cargo Lift joints, flange pieces should be quality checks and found that defective joints or flange pieces are not allowed to use, should be replaced, and with kerosene cleaning and gas blowing.

 Li Keqiang did not evade the question about the three public funds, he and on behalf of the current government "about the three chapters": Cargo Lift during the current term of government, the government floor of the museum hall May not be new; financial support staff only reduce the increase; public hospitality, public expense abroad, the public car is only reduced by the increase.

 The General Office of the CPC Central Committee and the General Office of the State Council issued the Notice on the Suspension of the Newly Built Building Hall and the Organizational Buildings by the Party and Government Organs. It is told that the party and government organs at all Cargo Lift need to suspend the construction, expansion, relocation and construction Museum, the standard office space for the freight ladder to the limited funds and resources used in the development of the economy, improve people's livelihood.